10 Ideas for Taking Your Content Marketing to the Next Level

10 Ideas for Taking Your Content Marketing to the Next Level

You probably already know the importance of creating a content marketing strategy for your business. But it isn’t always easy to create content that’s actually effective. For ideas on taking your content marketing to the next level, read on for this week’s Small Business Trends community news and information roundup.

Don’t Create Too Much Content

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Is it really possible to have too much content? If you aren’t creating content with an actual purpose that can help your brand, then it may just be. April Lisonbee discusses the concept of “too much content” and how brands can instead create the right content at the right times.

Use These Platforms to Get Feedback on Your Content


To make sure that your blog posts and other content actually resonate with your target audience, it helps to seek out some feedback. There are plenty of different platforms you can use to get feedback on your blog posts. Cendrine Marrouat shares five of them. You can also see feedback about the post on BizSugar.

Drive the Right Kind of Traffic to Your Website


Getting a lot of visitors to your website only benefits your business if you’re bringing in the right kind of visitors — those who will buy your products, sign up for your newsletter or otherwise interact with your business. To learn more about driving the right kind of traffic to your website, check out this post by Kaleigh Moore.

Use These Strategies to Create Brand Awareness


Content marketing can be an integral part of creating brand awareness around a new product launch. But there are also plenty of other tips and strategies to consider. Ivan Widjaya shares some strategies for creating brand awareness around a new product here.

Make Your Holiday Cards Stand Out

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When you think of content marketing, your brain likely goes right to things like blog posts and YouTube videos. But even little things like what you put into your holiday cards can contribute to your content marketing strategy. Rachel Parker shares some tips for making your holiday cards stand out. And BizSugar members also contribute to the conversation here.

Get Ready to Onboard Content from Your Agency

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If you use a content marketing agency to create any of your content, you still have to approve and onboard that content. And as Noelle Schuck points out in this post, some clients can procrastinate when it comes to onboarding. Read her tips for onboarding content from an agency.

Conduct a Digital Marketing Audit


Not all content is created equal. Some will garner great results while others fall flat. For that reason, conducting a digital marketing audit may be beneficial. Susan Payton explains how one can help you really evaluate your content marketing efforts.

Increase Free Trial Sign Ups

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Offering a free trial for your product or service can increase your amount of paying customers over time. But offering a free trial doesn’t automatically mean you’ll get millions of sign ups. Sujan Patel offers tips for increasing your free trial sign ups. And BizSugar members share their thoughts on the post here.

Use These Marketing Automation Tools for Your Sanity


Marketing your business is a huge undertaking — one that can really take up all your time and sanity if you let it. For that reason, Sinead McIntyre suggests using some marketing automation tools like the ones included here.

Have a Great Relationship With Your Link Builder

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When working with a link builder to improve your company’s SEO, a great relationship can help create a strategy that truly benefits your business. Julie Joyce shares some tips for creating a great relationship with your link builder.

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