Desk Work Causing Bad Posture? Plastic Hand Provides Unconventional Solution

plastic hand

Tokyo-based accessory maker Thanko has developed a creepy, but highly-functional plastic hand that’s supposed to keep users from slouching over keyboards.

The Agonose Arm (Google-translated) is molded in the shape of a human hand and attached to a robot arm. The arm is designed to encourage better poster and prevent slouching. The bottom side clamps to the desk while the adjustable wrist moves around to support the chin or cheek. This allows the user to assume a comfortable posture without having to give up the use of their real arms. The arm can also be easily adjusted to preferred height.

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Announcing the release of the Agonose Arm, the company said, “The hunched body, keep the spine and pin by supporting the jaw comfortably correction item.” That’s exactly from the Japanese to English Google translation, so the grammar is weird, but you get the idea.

The product page goes into details on all sorts of ways that one can use the arm, including attaching it to your office chair for leaning back and snagging a rest or positioning the hand against the chest to avoid leaning forward.

Perhaps the biggest downside is that the hand looks like its constantly slapping your face when positioned next to your cheek.

Thanko, Tokyo’s most famous gadget maker, is known for oddball gadgets like fuzzy cat-ear headphones and USB-powered heated slippers. The company is renowned for its originality and highly-functional innovations and the recent release confirms that.

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The Agonose Arm is available at Thanko’s online store for about $40 (U.S.) and you will need to use a shipping service for delivery to the U.S. or U.K. This is without a doubt the perfect gift for business owners or office workers who need to improve their posture because they are always sitting at their desks or in front of the computers all the time.

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  1. While it’s probably effective, I just can’t see many people actually using one unless they lost a bet.