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5 Automation Tools to Boost Your Small Business Social Reach

There are any number of automated tools you can make use of today to really boost the social reach of your small business.

Tools have been developed for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, WordPress, and all the other outlets, so that no matter which is your favorite, you’ll be able to find some ready-made applications to extend your visibility and make life easier at the same time.

This discussion will focus on some of the best of these automated tools, and provide some background on each to help you decide which might be advantageous for you.

How to Boost Your Social Reach


Postplanner was developed to work in tandem with Facebook, and to assist with the posting of content to your Facebook page. It is an automated management tool having a content discovery engine at its core which polls your company’s industry for the most popular content, and then adds it to a queue for scheduled delivery to Facebook.

Social Oomph

This is a social media management tool with some fantastic features, one of which is called the queue reservoir, and the tool works to great effect, primarily with Twitter. When you post evergreen content to the queue reservoir, you can specify how often you want it shared, because it’s important to continue promoting your content even after its original display.

Social Oomph also allows you to post several variations of the original tweet, so that you’re not simply repeating the post. In this way, the same content can be extended to new followers, without being a simple repetition of the original. This feature saves a great deal of time, and also has the wonderful effect of driving more followers to your site.


This content management tool allows businesses like Swap to post their blogs to any of the social media sites, and makes the process quick and easy. Dlvr.it allows you to specify both source and destination for your content, so content can be picked up from wherever you wrote the blog, like WordPress, and automatically sent to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or wherever you would like it to appear.

All the setups for delivery are done by Dlvr.it, so you don’t have to spend any time at all on them. New posts are automatically delivered as updates by Dlvr.it, and the Analytics package provides great feedback on who is clicking on your site and reading your blogs.


The IFTTT (if this, then that) content management tool handles automation of a great many activities, all of which are driven by a trigger event. One example would be a new blog post being added, and a tweet being generated automatically as a result. IFTTT contains a whole catalog of events that can potentially be automated, over 4,000 of them in fact, and these are referred to as recipes.

Each ‘recipe’ is comprised of several ingredients, such as the source event which is being monitored, and the resultant action specified. You can even create new recipes yourself, if the canned ones do not include the kinds of events you need to model on.


The area in which Aweber excels is in automatic email marketing. Whenever anyone signs on to your email list, you can have a series of automated emails automatically sent to the new subscriber which convey whatever marketing message you have in mind. These can be scheduled such that a specified amount of time elapses between emails, and you never have to remember to follow up yourself.

The idea behind this automated scheduling of emails to a new follower is that they are nurtured along as a lead right up to the time where they are encouraged to make a purchase, and then become customers. Aweber allows you to build all email templates beforehand, so they are ready for sending on-demand, and no further intervention on your part is necessary.

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