Are You Aware of Features to Automate Your Bing Ad Campaign?

Bing Ad Campaign

The current digital commerce ecosystem has given everyone access to massive amounts of data. There is so much of it, you can quickly get overwhelmed if you don’t use the right solution to manage all the information. Managing ad campaigns is one area in which keeping track of the different data sets can be a job in itself.

If you try to manually optimize your ad campaigns, the process can be time consuming, which leaves you less time to run your small business.

In a post on the official Bing Ads blog, Andrew Goodman, president of Page Zero Media, points out automation solutions can deliver greater control. However, depending on the vendor and application you choose, it can be more complicated than it has to be.

In May of this year, Bing Ads launched automated rules for managing all the levels of your account. Users are able to schedule routine tasks and performance checks with automated rules for campaigns, ad groups, keywords and ads in the Web interface. The goal was to streamline campaign management with Automated Rules.

In all, you can schedule and automate 13 different types of rules, with different parameters to meet your specific campaign needs. You can drill down to get the most detailed results and have the rules you have selected carry out the actions.  It lets you choose when and which campaigns you want the rules applied to, including all enabled campaigns, all campaigns, or only campaigns you have chosen in the Campaigns tab.

If, for example, you are setting a budget, the rules you specify can be adjusted to increase the daily budget of your campaigns by whatever percentage you allow, or a static numerical value. Additional options include maximum campaign budget. You can specify the rule’s criteria with the “When” option, schedule your automated rule with the “How often” option and name your rules and get notifications when the rules expire.

Additional rules also let you pause keywords from performing outside of CPA goals, pause ad groups when spending without converting, pause promotional ads when a sale ends and increase the bids of keywords that are no longer on the first page.

Automated ad management solutions are essential, because it just takes too much time to manage even a single ad campaign. And for small businesses that can’t afford the time and cost it takes to keep up with the daily changes of digital marketing, Bing’s Automated Rules are one option for controlling and managing your ad campaigns.

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  1. Does anyone have any experience setting Bing conversion/revenue tracking within the bing ad campaign platform? They apparently just changed their system 3 months ago and the customer support reps are useless.

  2. It may sound like I am saying this over and over again but I am quite unfamiliar with Bing. I think I still need to test it to see if it is effective.

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