Deluxe’s Jumps On Pre-Owned Domain Trend

pre-owned domain, Deluxe’s domain registration and website hosting company, is now offering premium domain names, Linzi Breckenridge, VerticalResponse’s Senior Content Marketing Manager said in a blog post.

A premium domain is a pre-owned domain name that is now available for resale at a premium price. The name is considered more valuable because it is shorter so users can easily remember. (As more and more .com domain names are registered the shorter more memorable names are now in short supply and thus more valuable.)  Also since the domain names have been registered before they may have existing search engine traffic going to them.

There seems to be a growing interest in offering pre-owned domain names by larger domain name registrars as well. This may be because they are able to make more money from these sales.

Recently, GoDaddy announced its acquisition of a huge list of premium domain names — 70,000 in all — from WorldWide Media Inc. With the purchase, the publicly traded Internet domain registrar and Web hosting company now offers a wider range of domain names with some suitable for small businesses.  Some of these include domain names such as,,,, and among others.

There is also increased interest in premium domain names among buyers. Jeff Sass, .CLUB’s Chief Marketing Officer said in the company’s blog post that the company had made $1,622,164.13 on premium domain name sales in November alone. And this demand for pre-owned premium domain names isn’t confined to just a few registrars either.

According to, a site providing daily anaytics and statistics of all domains online, this demand is especially strong for URLs ending in .com. Out of 106,886 domains transferred between Jan. 2002 and the present, 84,966 were .com domains, the highest single block.

It’s understandable that as the number of available domain dwindles, shorter and easier to remember domain names would be at a premium. It’s also understandable that domain names ending in .com might be the most desirable of all. The selling of these premium domain names has become a big business and obtaining the one you want may be an increasingly expensive investment in the future.

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  1. There is certainly a good market for it and its market is willing to pay for the domains. I think it is good to have all of the domains in one place instead of waiting and bidding for them in other domain registration sites.