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Get Your Free Copy of “Web Hosting For Dummies” Book

web hosting bookWeb hosting can be so confusing. With all the tech lingo and different choices to sort through, it’s hard to keep straight let alone make an informed decision.

And what’s important isn’t always what you think. If you think price is the only or most important factor, you are overlooking key issues. Like:

These and other questions are critical. But the terminology and concepts are so foreign to most non-technical site owners and business executives, that you might as well be reading another language.

If your website is important to your company or to your role in your company, you’ll be interested in this special offer we’re making available.

It’s a free electronic copy of the full-length book, “Web Hosting for Dummies.” [1] 

Normally this book is valued at $16.99 (even the Kindle version is currently $13.00 as of this writing). But it’s absolutely free to you.  

It’s a full length book of over 300 pages, written by Peter Pollock and published by Wiley.

You’ll get it as a PDF you can download, save or print out.

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