If You Sell Through Google Shopping, These New Updates May Affect You

google shopping updates

If your small business regularly sells products via Google Shopping, a new reorganization of the company’s policies is on he way.

Though the company insists the new policies are mostly a simplification of the way merchants currently do business.

However, Google also insists those using the service do review the changes to make sure noting is missed when the new policy takes over.

Google’s Shopping Policy Center will be updated come February 2016.

Announcing the upcoming changes in a Merchant Center Help Page, Google said the company will be launching a “new and improved” Google Shopping Policy that will be more engaging, accessible, and user-friendly for both users and merchants.

“We hope that these changes will give you a clearer picture of what Google cares about and why,” the post read.

The new Policy Center will provide:

  • Fewer and simpler Shopping policies
  • More transparency into why Google has each policy
  • More insight into how a policy can affect your ads and
  • Will be aligned across the company’s advertising products

Most advertisers and merchants who comply with the current policies won’t be affected by the changes though the search engine giant suggests reading through the updated version over the coming months just to make sure you remain in compliance.

Google says that all merchants need to “Review the new Policy Center and make sure that your product listings, website, and business will meet these requirements when the policies go into effect around February 2016.”

Back in 2014, Google overhauled the AdWords Policy Center with a similar aim of transparency and simplicity. There were a few changes that tightened restrictions on tobacco, weapons, and fireworks, but most advertisers saw no effect.

Google requires that advertisers and merchants comply with all applicable shopping policies, regulations and laws at all times. It is, therefore, important that you stay up to date on these requirements for the places where your product listings are showing as well as where your business operates.

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  1. I don’t anticipate a big shakeup. Google doesn’t want to risk losing revenue.

  2. This is one of the reasons why it is hard to promote your products on a platform that is not your own domain. It is always subjected to sudden changes in rules. Much like what happened to Yahoo and Ebay.