Want to Write an Inspired Creative Brief? Check Out This Handy Guide


“How To Write An Inspired Creative Brief” will open your eyes to what it takes to create truly memorable advertising and to raise brand awareness.

How to Write an Inspired Creative Brief

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Read “How To Write An Inspired Creative Brief” by Howard Ibach, and you will learn exactly that!

This is the second edition of this wonderful book first published back in 2009

“How to Write an Inspired Creative Brief” provides all the guidance needed to write a creative brief and contains examples from some of the most successful advertisements and advertising campaigns. The book will guide you through exactly what to consider when preparing a creative brief. This is one that will inspire any creative team to produce advertisements or campaigns that will make a brand or product standout and be memorable.

What is the Book About

So exactly what is it that makes one advertisement or campaign more successful than another? Is it the product itself? Definitely not! Is it the person or team that creates the advertisement? Well yes, a good creative team will help to raise the standard and impact of an advertisement. Is it the amount of money spent on producing the advertisement or campaign? Not really. You could spend a fortune on advertising, but if you do not reach your target audience, or the advertisement itself is not memorable — regardless how much money you have put into it — it is unlikely to give you the desired ROI. A great advertisement placed on YouTube for instance, can be cheap to produce, yet it can still achieve better results than a bad advertisement placed on network television.

In “How To Write An Inspired Creative Brief,” Howard Ibach explains the importance of working from a well written and inspiring creative brief. A well written creative brief is the foundation to create truly successful advertisments.

He brilliantly demonstrates this throughout the book by including examples of well written creative briefs which were used to produce memorable and successful advertisements that I myself can still remember.

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The structure, process, and everything you should consider when writing a creative brief has been succinctly outlined throughout the book. The author has also included a scattering of exercises to help the reader kick start their creative juices.

The way the process has been explained may lead one to think that a creative brief is a simple document to create. However, they are not, and the failure to have a good one in place is why so many advertisements fail to achieve their intended goal.

About the Author

Howard Ibach (www.howardibach.com) (@HowardIbach) worked as a copywriter and a creative director for nigh on thirty years. He now continues to use his skills and love for creative writing by teaching at both Glendale College and Pierce College in the Los Angeles area. Due to his passion for the language and to attain perfection, he does though have the reputation of being tough when it comes to grading his students’ papers!

What Was Best About This Book

The best part in the book is undoubtedly where Howard states:

“Many believe that our British cousins are the finest creative brief writers on the planet. I agree.”

But all joking aside (and there are plenty of jokes to be found in the book) “How To Write An Inspired Creative Brief” is both captivating and well structured.

It identifies the key areas to focus on when writing a creative brief. By working through the points to consider you will be able to create an outline of exactly what your advertising intends to achieve. It also provides suggestions of the types of words to use to capture the attention of your intended audience. Furthermore, the short but effective exercises contained within the book can be done anywhere and at anytime. These will help the reader to hone their skills when endeavoring to create memorable and professional content.

What Could Have Been Done Differently

The examples of creative briefs contained within the book are great examples which clearly illustrate the skills that the author is passing on. Maybe it was just the author’s modesty coming out, but I would have really enjoyed reading and hearing about some of the creative briefs and advertising campaigns that Howard himself had worked on.

Why Read “How to Write an Inspired Creative Brief”

Quite honestly, I thoroughly enjoyed the book, and would highly recommend reading it whether you have a service or product to sell or not. By the nature of the book, those who actually work as creative writers or in advertising or marketing will benefit the most from “How To Write An Inspired Creative Brief”. However, anyone working in business, advertising or PR, or even those currently studying these subjects, will learn a huge amount as to the best processes to follow in order to create quality content when marketing a brand, product or service.

Very little has been written as to the best practices to use to create quality content for advertising purposes. Due to this fact, and that most businesses have a need to advertise in one form or other, the book is ideal for businesses and will provide valuable information that can assist in the creation of great content.

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