Pinterest Announces Top 10 Searches – And Some Could Be Helpful

top 10 searches on Pinterest

The top 10 Pinterest searches in the U.S. include an interesting assortment of different topics. While there’s not one specific category that really stands out, some of the top searches might be helpful to your marketing efforts.

Below are the top 10 Pinterest searches in the U.S. this year, along with some ways they might impact different types of businesses.

Harry Potter

harry potter

The popular book series by J.K. Rowling tops the list of Pinterest searches. But people searching this topic on Pinterest aren’t necessarily just looking for pictures of the books or characters. They’re likely interested in seeing elements of the stories used in creative or interesting ways.

For instance, if you own a bookstore and have a unique Harry Potter display in your store, it could make for a popular Pinterest image. Or if you’re a party planner who has created a fun Harry Potter themed event, be sure to share it on the site.

Lob Hair

For hairdressers or cosmetologists, it’s worth noting that this is a popular hairstyle for people to search on Pinterest. If you’ve created a look that you’re proud of that fits into this category, be sure to share it.



This could be a great destination for travel or tourism related businesses to highlight on Pinterest boards. You can mix beautiful travel images of Iceland in with various other travel photos, or even create a whole board dedicated to the country.

Men’s Fashion

As you can likely gather from the search title itself, men’s fashion brands can benefit from posting images that fit into that very category. Just make sure that the words “men’s fashion” are included somewhere in the pin and/or board description so that searchers can find your pins.

Pallet Projects

pallet projects

If you run any kind of home décor business, such as an interior design firm, blog or even hardware store, this search could be of interest. Highlight pallet projects that you’ve created yourself, ones that utilize your company’s products, or even those that just fit with your brand’s style.

Bathroom Storage

Another search that could be relevant to a variety of home décor businesses, bathroom storage is a topic that you can get creative with. Perhaps your company sells some standard storage solutions – show Pinterest users how to stack or arrange them in a unique way that fits in a bathroom. Or create an image showing a DIY way to create bathroom storage with other supplies that you sell.

Small Tattoos

small tattoos

Tattoo artists or shops can use this search to highlight some of your smaller work. You can include images of small tattoos you’ve done or ones that you’ve drawn inspiration from.

Scandinavian Interiors

Interior designers, real estate agents and design bloggers should make note of this search. Scandinavian styles are popular with searches, so creating or highlighting those looks could have positive results.

Vegan Recipes

vegan recipes

Chefs and food brands could benefit from creating and sharing recipes that fit with a vegan diet. Be sure to mention when any of the recipes you share fit into this category. Or you could even create an entire board for vegan foods.

Alice in Wonderland

Much like the Harry Potter category, a huge variety of businesses could potentially benefit from posting creative references to Alice in Wonderland. Aside from bookstores or event planners, bakers could post images of Alice in Wonderland cakes, or artists could post images of their artwork inspired by the story.

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  1. Annie: Coming from Scandinavia, it is interesting to hear that Scandinavian interior design is of big interest on Pinterest.

  2. Who would have thought that Harry Potter remains to be popular even after its last book and movie? The fans will continue to love it I guess.

    • Always! I wonder if the Wizarding World theme park had anything to do with the high number of searches? It just expanded this year!

  3. Interesting. It shows us a trend on what people are looking for in the image area.