SiteWit Halts Ads When Stock Runs Out

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It’s the middle of the holiday season. And being told what you are looking for is not available can be a deal breaker.

Depending on the relationship custmers have with a business, it may be the last time we walk in their store or visit their website.

This highlights the importance of having an accurate inventory control system, which is what the new feature — “Out of Stock”– from SiteWit provides.

SiteWit was designed to remove the complexities of online marketing with an automated campaign process for a website, so anyone, including small businesses can easily launch a marketing campaign.

As Karl Burdis, Partner Liaison at SiteWit, told Small Business Trends in an interview, “SiteWit gives online merchants an easy way to build/manage online marketing campaigns for hundreds of different products, view CPA and ROI per product with a powerful optimization engine.”

SiteWit is billed as an all-in-one marketing solution for the small business owner that lets you be found easily on Google, Bing, and Yahoo by building a paid search campaign. The platform doesn’t require any knowledge of digital marketing, but the company says you will be able to create and manage campaigns for many different products easily.

SiteWit is desiggned to access to a website analytics that lets you see the engagement level of your visitors with a scoring system. Based on these scores, SiteWit uses the information to fuel its optimization and bidding engine for getting better results.


When asked what its biggest differentiator is, Burdis said, “The difference between SiteWit and other automation platforms is the fact that our automated campaign building process and optimization engine are designed to work with an SMB budget.” He went on to explain, “We also control our own analytics. All of the data is our own so we know everything about an end user’s activity on a website and can use that data to increase engagement, conversions and product sales automatically through our engine.”

“Out of Stock” Website Feature

With the new Out of Stock website feature, you will no longer have to explain a particular item is out of stock because your online inventory didn’t correctly update the stock you have on hand. And if your brick-and-mortar store is connected to your website, and what business isn’t these days, you will know what you have available at all times.

This Out of Stock website feature will give your business greater control of not only what is available in your inventory, but also what is not moving. When an item is out of stock, it will turn off specific products and categories that are no longer available in the store. SiteWit has partnered with Ecwid, a best in class eCommerce online/offline solution, to provide an accurate view of the inventory a business has available.

Not only that, but the partnership also extends to the campaign a business might have in place. If a particular item is a hot seller and the inventory is at zero, the API connection between Ecwid and Sitewit will automatically turn off this ad campaign. Translation is, you won’t have to constantly adjust marketing campaigns to reflect your inventory. And if you have many products, it can be a time consuming process that takes the focus away from running your business more effectively.

Ecwid gets SiteWit’s unique behavioral analytics through the app, and it uses it to measure the engagement of end users on a website to score the time spent on the page, how many other pages were visited and if they completed any goals, such as sign ups or purchases.

The engagement scores are then used in the SiteWit optimization engine to bring better quality traffic to the online store. For store owners, it means access to top performing keywords, locations, landing pages and traffic sources. The company’s analytics technology calculates actual ROI and CPA for store owners from both paid and organic sources all on one fully integrated dashboard. Armed with this information, you can plan your online marketing strategy with greater precision.

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  1. I hate that feeling that you are desperately looking for an item and you end up not finding it. It’s the holidays and it seems that people everywhere are hoarding. But the feeling is not so good if you’re aiming to buy it in time for Christmas.

  2. Sounds like a great idea, but personally there is too much of a “black box” going on with the marketing here for me to be comfortable. It would be interesting to see some reports that are available to see if there is more transparency than it sounds like.