Spotlight: Public.Factory Offers Co-Retailing Space for Brands


Opening a retail store is hard work. It’s also an incredibly expensive and risky undertaking for very small businesses. But Public.Factory is working to create a new retail experience that makes it easier for brands to showcase their products in a retail setting, while also making it easier for customers to shop.

The company currently has one co-retailing space open at the Soho Grand Hotel in New York City and another location in Soho and one in San Francisco opening next year. Learn more about the business and its unique concept in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does:

Offers a co-retailing community.

Businesses can essentially rent space in one of Public.Factory’s locations rather than going through the trouble of opening up their own dedicated stores. Businesses can sign up for a space for a period of three months or more. And Public.Factory takes care of things like furniture, staffing and more.

Currently, Public.Factory spaces feature brands including,,,,,,,,,, and

Business Niche:

Making it easy for retail businesses to sell.

Founder Yazid Aksas told Small Business Trends, “With our offering, a brand can have a shop-in-shop set-up within a day. Public.Factory provides a fully furnished shop, and even the sales staff to sell the products. Brands just commit to a minimum of three months and can renew indefinitely.”


How the Business Got Started:

Because of difficulties opening a retail store.

Aksas first realized the risks and complications of opening a retail store for his menswear brand So the idea for Public.Factory came from a desire to solve all of those pain points.

Biggest Win:

Filling up the first location.

Aksas explains, “Public.Factory’s first location at the Soho Grand Hotel was completely full two months prior to opening, which shows the need for such a solution.”

Biggest Risk:

Getting into long-term lease commitments at its locations.


Interesting Feature:

Incorporating art into each location.

Aksas says, “Public.Factory is not just a retail community, it’s a true artistic center. The space houses murals and sculptures by artists Diego Montoya and Eddy Bogaert.”

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  1. i am seeing lots of these lately. Usually, there is someone who rents the place and asks small businesses if they want to rent a portion of it for a fraction of the cost. I think it works for online businesses as well.