Like Standing Desks? Wurf Board Air Platform Makes Feet More Comfy

Standing Desks

People are putting more thought towards their work habits and how it affects their health. Standing desks are a popular way to get up during work and not spend eight or more hours sitting in front of a computer. But does standing all day come with it’s own pitfalls?

One company makes the argument that standing in one position during the workday can cause similar problems as sitting.

JumpSport, a company that’s been making fitness and backyard trampolines for the last 18 years, claims studies show long term standing doesn’t provide enough healthy movement, lowering both productivity and energy. A second, and probably more recognized, problem is sore feet and stiffness.

This is the opposite result desired by most standing desk users.

JumpSport’s solution is a product they call Wurf Board. Think the name’s a little odd? It’s a hybrid for “work surf,” which also plays to the product looking similar to a small surfboard.

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If you are interested in Wurf Board, the company is currently running a Kickstarter campaign where you can preorder one. The small model will run you $95 if you can get in at the early bird price, a large starts at $140 for the super early bird.

If you miss out you will have to pay considerably more. The small is expected to run somewhere around $200 at full retail, this will put the medium model around $230 and large around $280. Delivery is expected around February 2016.

Wurf Board - Engage your body - Energize your mind.clipular

Wurf is more than a cushy pad to stand on, though. The company describes its products as an at-desk exercise platform, stating on a Kickstarter page, “We invented the Wurf Board with a highly supportive yet lively, air-spring surface that encourages standing desk users to make continuous micro movements. These subtle movements improve posture; strengthen feet, legs, core, and back; and raise alertness, focus, and productivity.”

Here’s more from Wurf Board’s official Kickstarter video:

Wurf Board’s design is based off of inflatable standup paddle boards but has a trampoline feel thanks to it’s adjustable air pressure.

The company boasts Wurf Board’s springy surface allows for dozens of 2 minute or less “micro workouts” you can do throughout the day without disrupting your workflow. Wurf Board is also supposed to encourage frequent movement throughout the day as you adjust to standing on it.

It seems appropriate a company that has been making fitness trampolines has come up with a product designed to make it possible for you to work and exercise at the same time.

There are three sizes of Wurf Board you can choose from ranging from small to large. If you have a bigger build you might want to consider the large model, which has a weight limit of 250 pounds and more surface area.

But thanks to the high cost of the fabrication process for Wurf Board’s re-engineered drop stitched PVC material, don’t expect this one to come cheap.

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  1. Interesting. Shouldn’t jobs that require people to stand all the time should have this? They’re people too, you know. They need to rest.