Acupressure Hoodie AiraWear Relieves Tension of Commuters, Workers

acupressure clothing

That morning commute can be killer. So can sitting at a desk all day.

Muscle aches and a sore back are familiar companions to many an office worker or small business owner who spends most of their day sitting. But a new product that will soon be hitting the crowdfunding circuit is promising some relief from all those aches and pains.

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Here are more details:

Called AriaWear, it’s acupressure clothing – a jacket that offers an acupressure like pressure point massage right from your chair.

Unlike a massage chair or other similar devices, AriaWear stays with you as you go about your day. At the moment the wearable acupressure clothing is in the form of a hoddie jacket that you zip on.

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AriaWear works by inflating pads with foam points in the jacket to create an acupressure massage. You can control which pads are inflated and the pressure level through a mobile app.

Unfortunately it appears the inflatable pads do make noticeable bumps in the material along the back of the jacket. But you may not mind looking a little lumpy if you are sitting at your desk or in the car.

Though you can wear the jacket and use the massage feature anywhere, it really works best while sitting. This is because your chair helps push the foam points into your back, creating the pressure point massage effect.

The company claims there are other benefits to their acupressure clothing jacket other than a nice shoulder massage.

AriaWear is supposed to also offer posture reinforcement and body compression. This is thanks in part to the devices stiff structure that boasts giving back support. There are also vertical strips built into the jacket that can inflate, creating pressure and posture correction.

The companion app boasts not only controlling the device but also offering “biodata feedback.” This feedback is said to analyze your usage, record your preferred massage strength and detects your body posture.

Think of it as having a personal posture trainer with you all the time giving you advice on how to sit better. Could be annoying but you can probably choose to ignore it if you want too.

Right now the jacket only works when you are fully zipped in. This could be a drawback in warmer climates or summertime. Who wants to wear a hoodie when it’s 80 or more degrees outside?

Noise from the inflating pads could also be a factor, though the company claims the device is quiet.

The acupressure clothing jacket comes from Singapore startup Tware. The company got its start in 2011 with its first product called the T.Jacket, a similar device to AriaWear.

The T.Jacket is actually more of a vest and simulates being given a hug by inflating and applying deep pressure points. The purpose is to create a calming effect for individuals with conditions like autism or anxiety.

AriaWear is not on the market yet but the company does plan to start crowdfunding in February of this year with a predicted price tag of around $250. In the meantime you can signup to get notified when AriaWear launches.

Image: AriaWear

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  1. This is a nice idea. I think that commuters often battle with stress. If you can commute while battling stress, then why not?

  2. Wonderful project! Like it or not, sitting on a chair all day long is literally killing us. Unfortunately, nowadays most people are sedentary during their working day and ideas like this can really positively affect their everyday life.