No, Capital Letters in Your URL Don’t Affect Ranking

capital letters in url

If you are still not clear whether capital letters in your URLs affect ranking or not, John Mueller, a Webmaster Trends Analyst for Google, has an answer for that. John has out rightly stated in a Google Webmaster Help forum that using capital letters doesn’t impact search rankings.

In the help forum, Mohammed Athar Ashrafi poses the question: “I want to know if using capital letters in our Web URL impacts our SEO performance and ranking.”

Specifically, Ashrafi seems to be asking whether using a combination of capital and lower case characters in your URL makes any difference when it comes to search engine results.

“Nope,” Mueller definitively responds. Former Googlers including Pedro Dias also respond in the negative.

The response seemed to surprise some in the SEO community.

“We discussed the benefits of capital letters before and how sometimes searching in upper case vs lower case can return different results (although, this seems to be no longer true),” writes Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Round Table.

“Now, Google’s John Mueller said outright, that using uppercase or capital letters in your URLs has no ranking impact in Google,” Schwartz adds.

In the past, using upper case versus lower case letters in your URL may have impacted how your site comes up in search results, but that’s no longer the case, it seems.

What does this mean?

Well, essentially, if you have business with a name something like Big Store, there’s no difference the URL and the URL in terms of where it comes up in search.

Of course, it’s not certain whether upper case characters in the clickable part of your search result might influence more people to visit your cite.

Thanks to the user who asked the question, now it’s clear to all webmasters that the arrangement of letters in URLs doesn’t affect ranking. However, if you want your website visitors to remember your business then you better stick to short and easy to remember URLs.
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  1. How about the ranking of a domain with capital letters of each word, creating a brand name, e.g., TeaParty.Media ? I picked .media in order to have a short and sweet brand name.

  2. I think so too. That’s because domain names pretty much go to the same location even if you have the letters capitalized or not. Am I right?

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