First Data Introduces Clover Go Card Reader to Compete with Square

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Do you happen to be in the market for a mobile card reader? There is a new player hitting the scene that’s been recently announced by First Data. Called Clover Go, this EMV-enabled card reader is being touted as an affordable option.

Clover Go appears to be a card reader similar to those offered by Square and PayPal. It works with the Clover Go app for iOS and Android, which a user will first have to download on either their smartphone or tablet.

Once the app is downloaded onto your mobile device, simply plug Clover Go in and you are supposed to be good to go. It connects over either WiFi or a cellular connection to accept payments while in the field.

The app lets you set the amount to be paid as well as any taxes and even tips. First Data also boasts business owners can use the app to view and inventory transactions that have been made.

First Data claims their card reader offers multi-merchant and multi-user functionality. For example, with the app Clover Go users can “toggle” between different store locations, which could be handy.

Users can also add an unlimited number of employees. Employees can download the app to their own mobile device and get their own login. You, the business owner, can monitor what transactions are being made as well as set and manage permissions for employees.

There are some features Clover Go offers that might make it a more appealing option for some small business owners.

First of all, Clover Go protects customer data with TransArmor, First Data’s security tool. TransArmor uses encryption and tokenization to provide payment security.

Clover Go is a stand-alone device, unlike other card readers like the FreshBooks Card Reader. But Clover Go can also work with the full Clover product suite.

So if you are already using or looking into Clover Mini, Clover Mobile or Clover Station then another Clover product might work well for you.

You can customize your Clover Go experience with other Web-based apps from the Clover App Market. The company claims it’s “one of the fastest-growing POS app markets”. Though you might have to pay more for any additional apps you want to add.

Clover Go will cost you $29.99 to initially purchase the reader. After that you will be charged 2.69 percent + $0.05 for all swiped Visa, MasterCard or Discover card transactions. Keyed transactions are a little more than that, 3.69 percent + $0.05.

For American Express, the pricing gets a little more unclear due to certain factors such as the qualification criteria met for each transaction. First Data said currently pricing ranges from 1.60 percent to 3.7 percent + $0.10. You will have to review your merchant application to learn more.

If you are interested you can apply now for your own Clover Go.

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  1. I thought that Square will take the cake in this one. I guess it will not be long until a competitor enters the scene. As for me, I am yet to try these technologies and I have to find out how they can work for me.

    • I currently use square and it works pretty well, however clover has some deal with Sam’s Club which offers members a better deal (at least for me) on transaction percentages. Clover is offering Sams members 1.29% + $.15/transaction. Most of my sales are a few hundred dollars so I’ll take the lower percentage and a couple more cents/sale. Be careful though if I did high volume, low total bill I’d look for the lowest fixed per/transaction dollar amount
      Math on $500 and $5
      Square(2.75%) – $13.75, $.14
      Clover(1.29%+$.15) – $, 6.60, $.22

  2. I had 3 of these devices and none of them worked properly. I spent 3 hours on the phone trying to process 1 transaction and this device was a nightmare for a small business. I have closed the account and will go to the square. I will call them to get a refund for all the fees I paid ove rthe last 10 months. Very dissappointed.

  3. square will out beat this one ,to much info to give some new company square also sends there swipe for free i,m sticking with what i got