Digital Marketing Got You Down? “Digital Minds” has a Map for That


"Digital Minds" is a road map to the digital marketing landscape for the business owner who is ready to market, but doesn't know how or where to get started. Each chapter comes from the Digital Strategy Map, the author's guide to a comprehensive marketing plan that covers social, mobile, email, advertising and everything in between.

Digital Minds

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Digital marketing is one of the most confusing yet promising things a business owner will ever face. For businesses that need help in getting started with digital marketing, “Digital Minds: 12 Things Every Business Needs to Know About Digital Marketing” summarizes this landscape into bite-sized chunks, complete with a map to guide you on your way.

What is “Digital Minds” About?

When looking for marketing advice, business owners are often given a barrage of information. They are told that they need to be experts in SEO, social media, advertising, landing page optimization and more. For many owners, trying to learn digital marketing skills while running a business is too overwhelming.

This lack of clarity is one of the two major reasons the authors give for businesses failing to meet their full marketing potential. The other reason is the mistaken belief that digital marketing is for “tech” companies. This mistaken assumption leaves many businesses off a customer’s radar. As “Digital Minds” demonstrates, our world is an Internet-connected one. The businesses that aren’t making full use of the Internet will be left in the cold.

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To that end, “Digital Minds” bundles the pile of information we call “digital marketing” into baskets of information. Each chapter walks readers through various “areas” of digital marketing, such as analytics or SEO. Each chapter in the book derives from the Digital Strategy Map, which represents the ultimate resource the book has to offer.

The Digital Strategy Map, designed like a transit system map, provides the specific area of marketing to be analyzed at each “stop.” By going through each “stop,” readers are able to comprehensively cover all necessary areas to excel in digital marketing.

About the Author

WSI (@wsiworld) is an international digital marketing company based in Toronto, which began in 1995 as a Web design company.

What Was Best About “Digital Minds”

The best part of “Digital Minds” is its comprehensive summary of just about every angle of digital marketing that a business needs to worry about. For business owners afraid they will miss something in their planning, this book might be very helpful.

What Could Have Been Done Differently

The main obstacle to readers of “Digital Minds,” will be the use of the Digital Strategy Map. The book does a great job of summarizing various aspects of digital marketing into digestible chunks. The problem comes with the next step, putting those ingredients together to create a complete meal.

The Digital Strategy Map, the author’s solution to that problem, is a step in the right direction but more needs to be done to make it practical without being overwhelming. Business owners need to know the different areas of digital marketing, but also how to integrate them into their marketing plan.

Why Read “Digital Minds”

“Digital Minds” serves as a great resource for two kinds of readers: beginners who want a broad overview and readers who want a refresher on a specific aspect of digital marketing. For the first type of reader, the book is a great answer to the “What areas of digital marketing do I need to know?” question.

“Digital Minds” guides this reader through the principles of digital marketing ending with techniques to get you started. For the second type of reader, the book is a great answer to the “Did I forget anything in my marketing?” question. While a straightforward answer could be obtained just by looking at the Digital Strategy Map, “Digital Minds” provides insightful advice that can help the reader go even further.

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