Etsy Dives Into Video with New Video App Feature for Merchants

The eCommerce website Etsy has announced a new feature for its sellers. Called Shop Videos, the feature is an addition to Etsy’s mobile app where sellers can add videos to their shop pages.

Through the “Sell on Etsy” app, shop owners can now take videos of their products using their smartphones and share them directly to their Etsy page and social media accounts.

According to Etsy, this move was made for sellers to have the chance to share more about their products in a highly-visualized way without the hassle of professional video production.

By using the Etsy app on iOS, the video capturing feature comes with a built-in editing tools where users can clip videos, add transitions and music and a lot more. In the past, many Etsy sellers put videos on their shop pages curated from different sites.

Sellers can still upload their previous videos in the Etsy Shop Videos page. But now, Etsy sellers can also take advantage of this new feature to document their production and advertise their products without spending money.

Sellers can also use it for sharing daily activities to create a more personal relationship with their followers.

How Etsy Shop Videos Benefit Sellers

According to a study by ReelSEO in 2013, 93 percent of surveyed marketers used videos in their marketing campaigns while 82 percent confirmed that using videos in marketing brought positive impact to their businesses.

For Etsy shop owners, it is the best time to utilize Etsy Shop Videos. Not only can it take advertising to the next level, videos can really help customers visualize products — how the product is used or how it works — instead of just staring at a static picture.

Videos can also generate greater reach and recall.

Nielsen and the interactive Advertising Bureau reported (PDF) that videos generate 33 percent brand recall and 45 percent message recall in brand campaigns. Through effective presentation, videos can really leverage product offerings.

The only challenge for shop owners and marketers is the content of their videos. Good content can boost brand reputation and image which in turn help businesses grow.

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Jonha Richman

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