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Your academic or hard skills may be perfect on paper but if you don’t possess the below soft skills, there is a big chance that you won’t get hired by your dream company.

Hard skills can always be taught but soft skills are mostly related to personality and trying to change someone’s personality is very hard. Therefore, if you don’t have the below traits, start improving yourself in order to get ahead of the competition.


Great employees have self-motivation. They don’t wait for their managers to tell them what they need to do next but instead; they take initiative and go beyond what is expected of them. Also, they don’t run away from taking responsibility and can even handle the most difficult tasks.


Every job needs good communication skills. Therefore, every employer prefers someone who can express themselves clearly both verbally and in writing. Employees with good communication skills can communicate goals, tasks, issues and concerns with their team members easier. This not only speeds up the work but also makes sure everybody has the same understanding of what is needed. This is probably one of the most sought after skills.

Positive Attitude

Employees with positive attitude are generally more liked by other coworkers and perform better in the workplace. For example; you have two coworkers and one of them is a happy and energetic person and the other one is pessimistic and always complains about everything. Who would you prefer to work with in this situation? The person who brings everyone down or who cheers up everyone? I am sure the answer is clear.

Get Things Done

Throwing out ideas and being an idea person is ok but companies need people who can turn these ideas into reality. Ideas alone do not bring money to companies but execution of these ideas will. For this reason, an employee who can get things done in a timely manner worth his/her weight in gold.

Team Player

An employee who can work together in harmony with a team is preferable compared to someone who likes to work by themselves. This type of employee should wear different hats when needed such as being a leader, executor or brainstormer.

Adapt to Technology

Technology changes every day and companies invest new tools to automate their business processes. However, there are still lots of people who don’t want to use technology because they think technology will replace their jobs and as a result, they will get laid off. Technology is here to simplify your job not to replace it. Technology cannot make judgements nor establish relationships. Therefore, employees who like new technologies and can adapt to them easily are ideal.

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3 Reactions

  1. Adding to the “Get Things Done” theme, it’s valuable to have people that will do any task, no matter how menial, difficult or rewarding. Find people that see a need and act.

    • Indeed. It is so rare to see someone who doesn’t complain when a task is not as easy or rewarding. But there are some employees who are willing to work just to get the task done.

  2. One thing I can say. If an entrepreneur finds people with these qualities then that person need not to worry about supervising and employee productivity as they tend to things without even needed to be told to. People like these are gems and its totally worth keeping them. 🙂

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