Entrepreneur Invents Virtual Mirror: See How Makeup Looks Before You Buy


If you own a small business in the beauty industry, you may want to take a look at getting in on this as soon as you can.

Called ModiFace Mirror, it’s a photo-realistic skin/makeup simulator that gives customers a look at how cosmetics they are thinking of buying will look when applied.

ModiFace Mirror isn’t an actual mirror. Instead, the company describes its product as a high-definition, augmented reality platform.

With ModiFace, a customer can look into the camera on a mobile device, such as a tablet, and a live video shows them how different beauty changes would look on them in real time.

Just like looking into a mirror, or so the company claims.

The “mirror” can show more than just different makeup looks. Customers can see the potential effect of teeth whitening, anti-aging, skin care, contact lenses, hair color and more.

ModiFace claims on its website that the system can “simulate effects with an incredible level of precision and realism.”

One of the appeals of ModiFace Mirror is its wide range of features. The company claims its platform offers live 3D makeup tutorials for specific makeup looks, 3D brow reshaping studio, and a 3D teeth whitening and dental simulation studio.

Customers looking into the mirror can move around and see different looks from multiple angles. This is different from other apps that just take a photo of your face and apply color changes.

ModiFace Mirror also features gesture control. This gives the ability to control makeup colors by actions like “kissing” the camera to get a new lip color or raising your eyebrow to try different eye products.

Founded by CEO Parham Aarabi, ModiFace is a company that has been around since 2006. The company got its start after developing automatic face analysis and signal processing algorithms.

ModiFace’s skin analysis and facial virtualization technology is used to power over 150 Web and mobile apps for some of the top makeup brands around, gaining over 60 million downloads total.

And you can get a customized app for your business, too. That is if you are willing to pay.

With one of its custom apps, ModiFace boasts you get the company’s patented simulation technology, custom product integration, scientific product evaluation and more.

Unfortunately, the company isn’t forthcoming with its pricing for a customized app, so you will have to contact them for more information. But you probably shouldn’t expect it to come cheap.

However, ModiFace does offer a large number of ready to go apps you can download on your own tablet or smartphone. These apps have more specific purposes, like just makeup or hair color simulation.

But they are a much cheaper way to go if you want to give your customers a way to “try on” products.

Image: ModiFace

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  1. I think it is the same as that app that lets you try out hairstyles before you get the haircut. I would also love to try this out so that I’ll know how a certain color will look on me before I buy it.