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Did A Single Tweet Get Trump Quote Removed from Bottle Cap?

Honest Tea is known for its use of quotes from influential people printed under the bottle cap of its popular iced tea drinks. But one quote from Donald Trump got a customer in a tizzy. He took to social media and Honest Tea says the company is in the process of taking Trump's quote out of circulation.

New Year Brings New Events and New Opportunities

New Year Brings New Events and New Opportunities

It's a new year! 2016! Time to put the last year behind us and look forward to what could be your biggest year as a small business owner and entrepreneur. Here are some events that may help spur some motivation to kick off the new year right.

Coffee Shops Around the World

Coffee Shops Around the World

If there's a product that knows no borders or boundaries, it's coffee. No matter where you are on the planet, there's going to be a place to get a cup and a small business owner there to serve it.

Get Backed

Create a Better Pitch Deck with “Get Backed”

Seeking funding for your small business? It's never been easier to get that money with more and more avenues available but those avenues make it more complicated. This book should help provide some guidance.

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Setting Your Sights on the New Year

It's a new year and maybe time for a fresh approach. It's definitely time to set some goals for you and your small business in the coming year. Here are some common goals and how to achieve them.

holiday returns season

The Season of Holiday Returns

Your small business may have had a great holiday shopping season. But inevitably, someone's not going to like what they got from your store and they'll want to return it. Here's how to handle returns.

New Year Offers a Chance for New Directions

New Year Offers a Chance for New Directions

It's a brand new year? Have you got some new opportunities to explore with your business? Mark Anderson shares this cartoon to get the creative juices flowing. And it may just give you something to smile about as well.

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