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Monthly Archives: January 2016

A Small Attempt to Do Something Bigger

A Small Attempt to Do Something Bigger

A lot of times, big things are the culmination of a lot of little things. Those little things lead to bigger ideas and drive at a common, larger goal.

facebook custom audience

What Can Facebook Custom Audiences Do for Your Marketing Campaign?

Email marketing is very effective, sure. But people have a tendency to tune those messages out over time, especially if you send too many. Check out the options available via Facebook if you want to hit an engaged targeted audience with your message.

flat lay design

Have You Heard of the Flat Lay or Boho Design Trends?

If you haven't heard of the Flat Lay design or the Boho design trend, you should check out the 2016 Creative Trends report from Shutterstock. These visual styles will be especially important for websites, social media, and content marketing in 2016.

leadership in family owned business

12 Reasons Family Owned Businesses Should Consider Outside Leadership

Small family-run businesses can offer a really unique, sometimes ages-old product or service to their communities. They can also fall victim to familial squabbles and other forms of interference. That's why it may be necessary for these small businesses to go outside the family to find someone to keep things running smoothly.

handmade business owner

Portrait of the Handmade Business Owner

Handmade goods and the small business owners behind them may be more than just a trend. The industry is booming and there are more arenas in which the makers of these goods can shop their products.

mobile pos apps

5 Ways Mobile POS Apps Will Supercharge Your Small Business

The cash register as we once knew it is so 20th Century. For small businesses to adapt to all the changes in retail sales, they need to get a mobile point-of-sale system. Here's some helping picking one right for your small business.

Surface Pro Power Cord

Microsoft Recalls Surface Pro Power Cord

Microsoft has issued a recall on the AC power cord that was sold with its Surface Pro devices over worries they could overheat. If you bought one before March 15, 2015, you are eligible for a free replacement.

internet of things security

Thermostats, Other Office Devices Could Leak Data

Ready to add a smart device to your small business operations? Think twice before you do. New research shows that many of these devices fail to encrypt data coming in and going out of them.