Monthly Archives: January 2016

Intel Compute Stick

Intel Compute Sticks Transform a TV into a Computer

Intel has introduced two new models of its Compute Stick, the Cherry Trail and Skylake. Each offers improved PC computing capabilities over a previous model. And they're the size of a pack of gum.

Forbes ad blocking

Controversial Ad Blockers: Ask Customers to Just Say No to Them?

Forbes recently asked its readers to turn off ad-blocking software on their smartphones and tablets. The move was met with some resistance but offering something in exchange for the request got more people on board. How can you ask your customers to do the same?

ecommerce pricing

20 Secrets for the Best eCommerce Pricing

One of the most important steps in the process of creating and managing your eCommerce store is setting the price on items. Here are tips on getting the price right.

employee moonlighting

Are Your Employees Two-Timing You?

Moonlighting was a popular show in the 80s and it's a popular way of working today. New information reveals that one-third of all gainfully employed people in the U.S. are working a second job of some kind for supplemental income.

sniff design studio

Spotlight: Sniff Design Studio Caters Specifically to Pet Businesses

Sniff Design Studio is a pet-related business that caters to pet-related businesses. Dog kennel need a logo or some other design services? Does your cat cafe need a website facelift? Sniff can get it done. Read about the company's growth under this week's Small Biz Spotlight.

artsy central

Artsy Central Shows Trend Toward Etsy Alternatives

Frustrated how one bad experience on Etsy turned really bad, a former merchant on the site decided to venture out on her own. Artsy Central focuses on sellers specializing in baked goods and baking supplies.

local seo

Local Small Business SEO: Why Your Business Needs It

SEO is changing and it's important that any small business perform it for their websites. Check out these 6 reasons why it's imperative that local small businesses use SEO for the websites.

Star Wars spoof

Star Wars Spoof Raises Question: Do You Know Your Employees?

How do your employees see you as a small business owner and, more directly, their boss? A recent skit on Saturday Night Live spoofed the show Undercover Boss with a Star Wars twist to show how Stormtroopers feel about their disguised boss.

digital assistants

Why Cortana May be Helping Run Your Business This Year

Digital assistants like Microsoft's Cortana are becoming more intuitive and more in tune with our daily activities. They've even begun predicting what we'll do next and helping us with reminders on what we may forget to do.

minneapolis sick leave

Minneapolis Sick Leave Plan Will Hurt City’s Smallest Businesses

The City of Minneapolis is going forward with a plan to enforce a controversial sick-time protection plan for employees. The law would put the onus on small business owners to grant unprecedented paid time off for various situations and to provide work schedules far in advance to their employees.

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