Spotlight: Niche Video Media Offers a Secure Video Platform

Niche Video Media Secure Video Platform

You are likely already aware of the huge impact video marketing can have on the success of your business. But not every business necessarily wants to broadcast all of its messages for the world to see on YouTube. For those businesses that want a more controlled and secure platform for videos, there’s Niche Video Media, LLC.

The company offers a video solution that keeps your video under your own control, so no one else can download it to use it in other ways. Read more about the solution and the company behind it in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

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What the Business Does

Offers a secure video sharing and streaming platform.

Raj Rajasekar, Founder & CEO told Small Business Trends, “Niche Video Media is a Saas company which provides a platform called the Private Media Channel. This allows individuals and businesses to brand, share, and monetize their unique video content to a global audience without investing in video infrastructure or costly skill sets. The product also has secure live streaming and live conferencing features.”

Business Niche

Security features to keep videos from being downloaded.

Rajasekar explains, “Our customers have invested fortunes of time and money in their video content and would be badly harmed if it were ripped off by free tools which help in downloading videos.”

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How the Business Got Started

Because of friends with different skill sets.

Rajasekar says, “Three classmates from the same Executive MBA class got together around the idea of providing a secure video hosting platform. One, an expert in Security, saw a need for businesses to protect their multi-media assets. The second is a video expert with over a decade at Turner, the third an expert in building scalable platforms for fortune 500 companies. And BOOM! Our ideas grew into this amazing product.”

Biggest Win

Getting their second big customer.

Rajasekar explains, “Our second customer, a fortune 500 global business, brought us in to enable secure collaboration around their innovation pipeline. It showed that there was a market for our product and that the platform we designed mattered. Until they believed in us, we were nothing more than a single company point solution. This gave us a “story” to explain to others why they could believe in us too.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Improving marketing.

Rajasekar says their main focuses would be on inbound content marketing solutions and outbound sales strategies.

Team Tradition

Being their own customers.

Rajasekar explains, “We use our own Web Conferencing product to run global team meetings.”

Niche Video Media Secure Video Platform

If the Business Were a Song

The Burger King jingle, “Have It Your Way.”

Rajasekar explains, “Our platform allows our customers to mix and match features to provide a solution unique to their own business model.”

Favorite Quote

“In theory, Reality and Theory are the same. In reality, they are different.” Lawrence Peter (“Yogi”) Berra

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Images: Niche Video Media, LLC, Top image (left to right): Raj Rajasekar – Founder & CEO, Ananth – Product Manager, KTP – Software Engineer, Stalin – Graphics Designer, Nithin – Software Engineer, Rubina – Content Writer, Sowmiya – QA Analyst, Leona – Marketing Analyst, Sujatha – Admin Manager


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  1. It certainly appeals to a market. I know how it feels when you upload videos on public channels only to be met with competitors. I think this is also good for online courses.

    • Yes, it can definitely work for a variety of content that’s for a more specific list or audience.