Twitter Introduces Hashtag Ads

Twitter Hashtag ads

If you use social media to help promote your business, then chances are you have used hashtags at some point. These content labels can be a great way to promote and locate topics of interest. Though hashtags can certainly be abused … #HelloPersonWithEighteenOrMoreHashtagsOnOnePost!

Twitter played a big role in making hashtag usage so widespread, and now the company is introducing an exclusive new ad format that utilizes the hashtag even further.

Called “conversational ads,” these ads are essentially promoted tweets. The Twitter hashtag ad will include call to action buttons with several custom hashtags the advertiser has created for their campaign. The buttons let you pick between hashtags under the tweet and then retweet the ad.

Twitter gives the example of a coffee company promoting their specialty blends. The Twitter hashtag ad asks followers to pick a favorite blend, then offers two different action buttons below the tweet consumers can choose from.


Once clicked, the action button opens up a Tweet composer with a pre-composed message from the advertiser along with their campaign’s hashtag. The consumer can then add whatever message they want to the Tweet and then share it on their timeline.

To keep things polite, a thank you message is even sent from the advertiser to the person who shared the ad. It’s nice to let your customers know you appreciate them.

The shared Tweet will also include the company’s original photo/video from the ad.

Twitter is claiming their new conversational ads will drive earned media for advertisers at no extra cost and promote “organic conversation”.

The ads do seem like they would offer a way for consumers to participate in a brand’s ad campaign, what with the choice of buttons giving the feel of voting and all.

If nothing else the conversational ad’s call to action buttons look like they will make it easy for consumers to share an ad without worrying about getting the hashtag wrong. An added bonus could be that the original photo/video is also shared meaning more exposure.

Currently Twitter’s new conversational ads are still in beta, though companies like Samsung and Lifetime are already trying it out. Twitter stated in their announcement that the beta is open for select brands in all markets, but you can contact your account team to learn more.

Image: Twitter

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Tabby McFarland Tabby McFarland is a staff writer and web researcher for Small Business Trends. As a staff writer she specializes in social media, technology, special interest features, and e-commerce. A geek at heart, Tabby loves to be online interacting with the blogging community. Tabby is a WAHM (work at home mom) and is also an avid Pinterest enthusiast with a strong sense of style and creativity.

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  1. Hi Tabby,

    I really like Twitter BUT I sense that we will be seeing a lot of desperate moves made by them in order to stay relevant. There are heading for the bin and they know it. Well, with the amount of social networks out there… one had to go.

    I predict in 5 years time Twitter will be something of the past


    • I think they will make a sharp turn-around between now and the next two years, so I can’t agree with your prediction. My basis for suspecting this is the highly-successful use of the Blab platform for live-streaming. It’s less than a year old, yet the platform is attracting a wide range of users who are very eager to monetize it. This will reflect nicely with Twitter. With Blab continuously improving upon its features, its bound to grow in popularity.

      I like the idea of these Hashtag Ads; let’s hope that they will not be as expensive as their current promoted tweets are!


  2. With that, will that affect the trending hashtags? After all, Twitter is all about the trends. if it is advertised, then the trends will be affected by how the ads go.

    • Hey Aira,
      I don’t think that the trends will be affected by the ads, actually it would be quite the opposite. We will see. The thing is that if the trends are determined by the ads then twitter is going to turnaround.. for good or bad, but the latter is much more sure..


  3. Twitter is losing its edge…

    They are abandoning their USP that their users love in the first place.

    I think the hashtag ads are a clever addition… it’ll give us better targeting options which can only help to drive down costs and increase conversions.