14 Must Haves for a Webinar Opt-In Page

14 Must Haves for a Webinar Opt-In Page

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Opt-in pages are like fishing nets. The better you customize it knowing what fish you want to catch, and why the fish should come to your net, the more you make out of your effort.

The same rule applies to a webinar opt-in page. You cannot really increase subscriber count of a webinar campaign until you know what prevent users from registering at your opt-in page. In fact, there is no single and simple trick of trade that works for all.

And, for a host, there is nothing more frustrating like when your email and RSS feed subscribers are not signing up for your much-awaited webinar. You always want to reach a new audience and get them engaged with you and your specialty.

Webinar Opt-in pages, being the first and probably the last landing page for audience interaction before the event starts, you cannot really let it go unnoticed.

Webinar registrants are usually the quality prospects that may turn into customers. Therefore, it is very important that you know the anatomy of your webinar registration page or landing page and take actions accordingly. Of course, strategizing a perfect landing page has no standard working formula, but maintaining some protocols always help.

A great opt-in page helps a user take signing-up decisions quickly. Here is a nice article on the anatomy of a webinar opt-in page from an education expert at ClickMeeting that may be useful to you.

Let’s take a look at the top elements without which a webinar opt-in page proves incomplete and under-utilized.

A Powerful and Attractive Headline

Headlines are the statements that make your overall presentation accepted or rejected in the first few seconds. There is no dry run or second chance to capture user attention. So, make the title bold and in clear font so that anyone can easily scan the landing page and there is no confusion about what the registrants are subscribing for.

A Supportive Sub Headline

The supporting line under the main headline is equally important from reader’s point of view. Both the headline and secondary line should complement each other and convey the same meaning to audience. A well-drafted secondary title goes about explaining the main title. So, you should not miss out this second chance to win their interest.

Be Clear About Date and Time

Be upfront while displaying date and time in your webinar landing page. If the webinar schedule covers different time zones, ensure that you clearly mention all of them. Use world clock – a time zone converter to avoid any confusion. This helps you increase the number of registrants from multiple locations.

Make a Bold List of Benefits

This benefits section of the registration page needs to be convincing enough for someone to sign up for your webinar. Tell them the reasons why they should subscribe and what they will learn from the session. The better your audience understand the exclusiveness and significance of attending the webinar, the higher footfall you can expect on that big day.

Place a CTA Button That Stands Out

Tweak your call-to-action button text in such a way that gives audience a feel of personalization. Texts like ‘Reserve you seat’, ‘Book your spot’ prove better than ‘Submit’ or ‘Signup’. They make the objective of clicking a button more specific, informed, and action-driven. Placement of CTA button is also important from conversion point of view. If put in a right context and in the right area of a page (for example, above-the-fold content area, left/right sidebar), a CTA button can trigger more clicks resulting in more registrations.

Have ‘Add to Calendar’ Option

Most of the people will love it. Just add a one-click “Add to Calendar” call-to-action button and help registrants with the reminder. This ensures better turnarounds during the webinar session.

Use Quick Video

Videos are the best tools to create a strong personal connection.  Add a 60 secs introductory video to your page and introduce yourself to the audience before they become registrants. Mention the date and tell your audience what your webinar is about. Giving them an impression that a real person is waiting for them to appear on the day of webinar creates a virtual attachment.

Use Display Banner

Attractive banners act as show stoppers. You may visually represent the theme/topic of the webinar using creative images and place strong CTA button to increase click-through rate. A banner placed at the top of your opt-in page can drive quick attention from the audience.

Make Registration Process Easier

The process should be simple, effortless, straight-forward and non-obligatory. Adding a one-click opt-in CTA button can also do wonders if you have pre-registered email subscribers. In such cases, users can simply add their email IDs and submit the CTA button to get themselves registered. As soon as they click on the CTA button, they will be taken to the thank you page. For new users, the required fields in registration form should capture only the pertinent information of a person. People tend to avoid filling out forms that ask too much details like physical address, landline number, company strength, etc.

Include Customer Testimonials

A registrant who learns about your credibility and value your authority is the one who will attend the webinar. So, get a couple of nice testimonials at your registration page and earn trust from others. You may also add a testimonial from a previous attendee. That works quite natural.

Send a ‘Thank You Page’ and Optimize It

This gives you another avenue to interact with the registrant before the webinar date. Upon successful registration you can email a well-crafted ‘Thank You’ page with some more call-to-actions. For example, you may share some free downloads, PPT links or YouTube video URLs with the registrants to impart relevant knowledge on the webinar topic you are going to cover. This creates a good preparatory background for you on that special day. You may even add social media sharing button to pre-engage the registrants or educate prospects with relevant blog links.

Integrate Social Media Buttons

Building a personalized messaging strategy always works. You can simply hook a Facebook comment section to the opt-in page and engage with the attendees even after the webinar is over. Also, invest some time in adding social sharing buttons like ‘Click to Tweets’ or ‘Like this on Facebook’ to the ‘Thank You’ page. These are some additional branding options for your upcoming webinar.

Do AB Testing

If your webinar opt-in page does not meet your expectations even after performing all the above steps, it is time for a change.  Create 2 to 3 copies of different webinar landing pages and tweak your headline and webinar summary texts in that. Reposition your CTA button and keep changing the page layout until you find satisfactory results. You may even add a tracking code and analyze user behavior on that page from Google analytics report. The report tells you visit duration and bounce rate of the opt-in page which is a good indicator of page performance.

Take Help of Pre-Configured Landing Pages

Last but not the least, take help from experts who have already done it. You may browse a good number of free and premium landing page templates for webinar in the Web repository. Just download some free templates and analyze what great they have done in it and how that helps in conversion.

If you have come across some more opt-in page ideas that can increase the number of webinar registrations, please share them with our readers. We appreciate your feedback and contributions.

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  1. I think that all the basics are here. The video is optional though. Though I know that it is a good eye catcher and can really get people aboard. It is still okay even if you don’t have it.

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    Do you think that plenty of the missed webinar opt ins are due to time differences and mistakes knowing the right time?