Monthly Archives: February 2016

getting burned out

A Workaholic’s Guide to Not Getting Burned Out

Small business owners certainly aren't afraid of work. In fact, they probably work too much. And too much work can lead to burn out. Here's how to prevent what could be a condition that affects not only your business, but your overall health.

30 second pitch

Take The “Pitch” Out Of The 30-Second Commercial

Small businesses, in order to keep up with the trends, need to tailor their marketing messages. While they need to continue to sell products to customers, they need to take the pitch out of their sales pitch.

obscure holidays

Everyday is a Holiday: Are You Making the Most of Obscure Holidays?

Think New Year's Day and other major holidays are the only ones your small business can use in marketing and capitalize upon? Think again. There are weird national holidays for everything. Check out ways to use minor holidays, funny holidays, unusual holidays and weird holidays on the marketing calendar.