10 Ways You Can Enhance Your Email Marketing Efforts

10 Ways You Can Enhance Your Email Marketing Efforts

Your email marketing strategy can have a big impact on your sales and the overall success of your business. To build your list and more effectively communicate with your subscribers, check out these tips from some members of our small business community.

Overcome New Gmail Hurdles

Gmail recently made some changes to its platform. And while the changes aren’t specifically aimed at marketing emails, they do have some marketers worried. However, this post by Heather Fletcher in Target Marketing includes some ways you can overcome those new Gmail hurdles.

Focus on Mobile Customers

When you think about your potential customers receiving your marketing emails, you might picture someone sitting at a desktop computer. But an article in Marketing Land by Greg Sterling includes information about a new report that suggests a growing focus on mobile customers, rather than those using desktop PCs.

Use a Modern Marketing Funnel to Drive Sales

Many effective email marketing strategies work because they move people through the marketing funnel in order to drive sales. But the basic sales funnel that many marketers are aware of may not be specific enough. Fortunately, an article by Buckley Barlow of In The Know includes information about a more modern marketing funnel. And BizSugar members share their input here.

Learn These Lessons for Content Marketing Newbies

Offering content to your audience can be a big boost to your marketing efforts, whether that’s through email marketing, blogging or similar formats. But if you’re just getting started with content marketing, you may need some help. This Agora Pulse post by Brooke B. Sellas includes some content marketing lessons for newbies.

Use These Conversion Rate Optimization Best Practices

Whether you want more email subscribers, more purchases or other specific outcomes, your conversion rate should always be top of mind. If you’re looking to optimize your conversion rate, take a look at this post by Victoria Stamati on the Exit Bee blog.

Consider Outsourcing Your E-Newsletter

Creating an e-newsletter doesn’t have to take up all of your time and energy. In fact, if that’s not where your strengths lie, you may be better off outsourcing it, according to this post by Emily Brackett. You can also see discussion about the post over on BizSugar.

Use the Key Elements of Effective Strategy

When you’re working on any part of your marketing plan, you need a clear strategy. But there are some key elements that separate the most effective strategies from everything else. This post by John Spence on the Business LockerRoom blog shares some of the key elements of effective strategies.

Make Your Unique Value Proposition Irresistible

When utilizing email marketing, it’s important that you make the value that you can offer customers very clear. Yasmina Yousfi shares some tips for communicating your value proposition and making it irresistible in this post on the cloudswave blog.

Use These Hacks for Better Online Communication

Whether you’re communicating with customers via email, social media or other online methods, it’s important that you understand how to communicate online as effectively as possible. The hacks in this post by Daniel Ndukwu on The Experiment blog may be able to help.

Choose the Right Niche

When coming up with a concept for your email marketing campaigns, and your business in general, choosing the right niche is important. This post on the Wood Street, Inc. blog by Beth Schillaci talks about the anatomy of a niche in marketing. Members of the BizSugar community also discuss the post.

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  1. Right. In today’s email marketing, you also have to consider mobile users. After all, it seems that more and more people are using mobile devices to access the Internet.

  2. You should definitely outsource your newsletter if you plan to churn out regular content. It is hard to keep up with so many information channels if you don’t have other people working for you.

  3. I guess it is also important to keep track on how your e-mails are performing. That’s the only way for you to know if they are converting.

  4. The most difficult thing for us has been identifying a niche. Scheduling software can be used so many different ways that it can be difficult to decide which niche to target. I believe that our software has best catered to financial planners scheduling appointments with their clients.

    Great post, I read a lot of useful links from this one too!


  5. But isn’t it better to take care of email marketing yourself? It shouldn’t be too difficult if you’re using tools such as GetResponse or mailchimp?

  6. Good post Annie.. All companies are now looking for newer and more real ways to get most out of email marketing. A few points from my end which have worked wonderfully for me. Inclusion of variety of SMTP to get all emails delivered is very important. You do not lose out on any subscriber segment not getting emails delivered. Further automating emails based on subscriber actions again takes email marketing to the next level. Lastly re-engagement campaigns nudge subscribers in a nice way to read unopened emails. All these and much more are part of EasySendy Pro. Thanks, Nathan

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  7. These are some really great techniques,thank for sharing.I am using hybrid email marketing tools currently which is helping me out in generating business leads which is genuine.

  8. Great tips and advice for email marketing especially for SMEs