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The Internet provides small businesses with an incredible amount of access to resources, but this access comes with some caveats, and security happens to be one of them. The new Cisco Small Business Routers: the RV320 and RV325 with Web filtering look to add a layer of protection by preventing access to dangerous sites on the Web.

The security threat landscape in the digital world is well documented. While the data breaches in large public and private organizations grab the headlines, thousands of such events take place daily targeting small businesses and individual users.

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In many cases, the attacks are launched when users perform benign tasks such as visiting a website, opening emails or documents and downloading apps, music or games. And for small companies with limited budgets where it is not feasible to have a security expert on staff, a small business router such as the ones Cisco is offering can solve the problem.

The Cisco small business router comes with Web filtering to close the gateways hackers would use to launch their attacks. Specifically, these are the nearly endless number of websites and links that your employees might be visiting without your knowledge.

Any one could be a means of gaining access to your systems and data. With the new routers, you can institute a new Web policy for your company ‘s systems in minutes and be fairly certain it is being enforced, all without new expensive security measures or more IT personnel.

This quick video demonstrates how the filters are used to block unwanted sites.

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So why should small businesses use Web filtering?

The obvious answer is because employees get online, and without Web filtering they can go to any website. With the RV320 or RV325, Cisco says you will have access to the best small business router for keeping your network in good health. It keeps users away from dangerous websites infested with malicious applications and questionable content without getting in the way of productivity.

With just a few clicks on the Web filtering application, you can categorize sites, set protection levels, enable website reputations and schedule when the service is on.

Safeguarding your network is as important as locking the front door of your business. Just as you wouldn’t leave for the night without making sure the alarm is on and the doors are locked, Web filtering is the equivalent for your digital presence. You don’t want to leave the doors wide open.

If you think data breaches don’t have the same costs associated with it for small businesses as it does large enterprises, think again. A Kaspersky Lab survey released in late 2015 revealed small businesses spend an average of $38,000 to recover from a single data breach, and this doesn’t include indirect expenses and damage to the reputation of your company.

The very same survey also revealed malware and phishing were responsible for the highest percentage of attacks. By using a Web filter, a small business can dramatically decrease these types of attacks from damaging your company.

These new models will be on the shelves by mid-to-late February, 2016, writes Marc Nagao, product manager of Small Business RV Series Routers on the official small business blog. But Cisco says the filters will not be available in all regions, so contact your local Cisco Small Business Partner to find out if you can get them in your location.

The company has also not been specific about price.

It is important to note, Web filtering is not the same as antivirus software, however, so use of one does not necessarily eliminate the need for another.

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  1. Not knowing anything about networking, I am always wondering how people get access to my computer even if it is closed or when I am working. But it is a topic that really intrigues me and is something that I want to know more about. More than tools like Cisco, I am wondering if there are other ways to secure my network.