Why Analytics Are the Hot Topic at This Small Business Conference

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Are you ready? Infusionsoft is building towards its March 2-4, 2016, ICON conference in Phoenix, Arizona.

For ten years, Infusionsoft has been hosting ICON conferences specifically designed to inform and assist small businesses. The aim is to make use of software and technologies which can improve small business results.

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But this year analytics is a particular focus.

Jordan Hatch, senior product manager at Infusionsoft, told Small Business Trends, “Small business owners often make gut instinct decisions. While that gut instinct may work in the beginning, it can sometimes lead them down the wrong path as their business grows. That’s why having a solid plan for collecting and analyzing data is vital to the long term success for a business.

“Creating a culture of making data driven decisions in business not only reduces the margin of error, but enables the scalability of the business. As employees start to take over the business owner’s responsibilities, teaching them to make data driven decisions creates consistency in the business and can make up for a lack of intuition

Mobile payments will be another huge topic at this year’s conference.

Zach Vance, business development and payments manager at Infusionsoft, said, “eMarketer is predicting an incredible 210 percent growth in total value of mobile payment transactions in 2016 alone — that’s up to $27.05 billion from $8.71 billion. Predictions like this and the countless others point toward continued strong growth in the mobile payments space, so it’s essential for small businesses to start implementing this technology.

“In my breakout session, attendees will learn how to implement and navigate Infusionsoft Mobile Payments solution, best practices for payment processing, and the top three ways to maximize Infusionsoft Mobile Payments during a live event. I will be joined by Richard Lindner, president of Digital Marketer, and Rich Aberman, co-founder and Chief Product Office of WePay, as we share this content in a way that will cause attendees to look at payments from a very different perspective.”

In the end, the event is about helping small business owners and other entrepreneurs discover the “clues” for success.

Susan Koehler, vice president of communications for Infusionsoft, stated in an interview with Small Business Trends:

“Success leaves clues. We’ve worked with tens of thousands of businesses over the last decade and each one left a clue for us. We’ve been keeping track of what they did to succeed, so we have curated, not created, a process to demystify sales and marketing. This process is the Small Business Success Method. It will help business owners pinpoint exactly what they need to be doing in their business — right now and in the future — to keep growing. Before ICON 2016 is over:

  • Small business owners will assess their business and have absolute clarity into the strategy that would drive the biggest results for their business.
  • They will plan actionable next steps guided by industry leading experts.
  • And they will walk away from ICON16 already implementing their tactics.”

Along with Phoenix’s famous warmth and sun, there will be contacts and friends to be made and speakers teaching about ways to make your business better.

Featured speakers at ICON 2016 include Dave Ramsey, best selling author and radio host, Peter Diamandis, entrepreneur and New York Times best selling author and Tina Wells, CEO and founder of Buzz Marketing Group.

Pam Gibbons, director of events at Infusionsoft says, “Capital is king. One of the many hats small business owners wear is finance management. From billing procedures, getting out of debt, and trying to be cash-flow positive, money is top of mind. That’s why we selected Dave Ramsey, America’s most trusted voice on money and business, to speak at this year’s ICON.”

Based in Chandler, Arizona, Infusionsoft is an email marketing and sales platform that streamlines the needs of small businesses.

For those new to ICON, pre-training is offered at Infusionsoft headquarters for $99, which covers lunch and transportation.

Please send questions to ICON@infusionsoft.com. To register, click here.

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JoAnn McFarland JoAnn McFarland is a Staff Writer for Small Business Trends. She covers breaking news such as new product announcements, government policy, acquisitions and other industry developments. She is a published author and comes from a family-business background.

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  1. There is just something about analytics that blows people away. I know a professor in our University who instantly believes his student just because he gave some analytics data, As an Internet marketer, I find it kind of surprising because those data can easily be generated by browser add-ons or softwares.

    • Big Data, Data analytics and hadoop are causing a buzz with most small business and simple codes like GA or gostats that collect data from websites and provide them to number crunchers

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