New MailChimp Feature Gives Better Idea How Emails Look to Clients

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The email marketing service provider MailChimp has just recently unveiled a new feature, MailChimp Inbox Preview, which enables its users to preview its emails before they are sent out. MailChimp Inbox Preview is an upgraded version to its predecessor, Inbox Inspector.

Inbox Inspector helped marketing campaigns by offering previews to the users. However, live HTML versions were still rendered differently by different email clients. The Inbox Preview does away with this shortcoming by returning the preview exactly as it would look online in more than 40 clients. Not only this, Inbox Preview also recognizes which client is popular among subscribers. This will help enterprises to revise their designs accordingly.

According to MailChimp’s official blog, MailChimp Inbox Preview will allow companies to test their campaigns across different platforms like mobile, desktop and Web emails.

Another important benefit of this feature is that it lets the user view any changes made along the way as soon as the changes are refreshed.

MailChimp Inbox Preview can be accessed from the Preview and Test menu when you’re creating your campaign or building your template. Just click on “Enter preview mode,” click the Inbox tab, and follow the prompts. The tool is powered by Litmus like its predecessor, the Inbox Inspector.

MailChimp Inbox Preview uses a token system wherein every time you create or update a preview, you have to spend a token. These tokens can be purchased in bundles of 25 for $3 a token. Different subscription plans get different amounts of tokens assigned to them during each billing cycle.

MailChimp Pro users get 1,000 free tokens each month on their renewal date. The unused tokens expire at the end of the billing period and they’re replaced with fresh ones.

Monthly subscribers get 25 free tokens each month on their renewal date. The rules related to unused tokens, however remain the same as for the Pro users. Forever Free and Pay As You Go accounts will receive 10 free trial tokens to start with. These tokens expire in one month.

Purchased tokens never expire.

MailChimp says it continues to bring in new features for a better user experience. The company launched its API 3.0 last year; and is now about to introduce several new e-commerce API endpoints that will open new avenues for powerful integrations in the future. MailChimp has also gone ahead and updated the default campaign tracking titles. Hence, it’s easier to find your MailChimp campaigns in Google Analytics now.

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