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small business logo design services

43 Small Business Logo Design Services

Having a logo for your business is an important step to creating your company's identity and brand. Check out these logo design services that can help you design your company's logo.

distractions in sales

5 Distractions in Sales and How to Avoid Them

Boosting sales productivity is often just a matter of avoiding some common distractions in sales that everyone encounters every day. Here are 5 that can disrupt your day.

number one customer service retailer

What the Number One Customer Service Retailer Teaches Us

To be the best, sometimes it's best to do what the best do. That's especially true for customer service. And what does a new study reveal to be the key behind one of the best-rated companies in customer service? It's customer service speed.

new york public wifi

How Safe Are New York Public WiFi Hubs?

LinkNYC is attempting to replace the old public pay phones with free WiFI hubs across New York. But are these free Internet connections really all that safe to use for business purposes?

Top 20 Tax Deductions for Small Business

Top 20 Tax Deductions for Small Business

Tax season is rough on a lot of small businesses. But the ability to deduct expenses and other items from the amount you owe is a silver lining in an otherwise dark cloud. Check out these 20 tax deductions that small businesses can take this year.

solopreneur sales tips

5 Foolproof Solopreneur Sales Tips (For Non-Salesy Types)

No matter how your business is set up, sales and influencing others is necessary. So, how do you become a great salesperson? Check out these solopreneur sales tips for increasing sales and, more importantly, growing your business.

demo day pitch

Should you Pitch First or Last at Demo Day?

If youi're in a group of startups about to demo their product or service to investors, is it best to go first, last, or somewhere in the middle. New data on who is going to be more successful may surprise you.