Monthly Archives: February 2016

virtual phone service

16 Ways a Virtual Phone Service Can Help Your Business

As your small business gets bigger, there'll be a time when you need a professional phone system. Luckily, gone are the days of expensive and complicated phones. Today's virtual phone system can even tie all the mobile phones of your team members together.

metrics overload

Metrics Overload? How to Streamline Marketing Data

Is there such a thing as too much data? There's quite a bit of information available to small business owners these days and more marketing campaigns are being launched online. But some reports suggest the return on those campaigns isn't there.

negotiating a business deal

Checklist for Negotiating a Business Deal

Here you'll find a realistic checklist for negotiating a business deal. This 9-point negotiating checklist has been honed specifically for small business.

choosing a security camera

10 DIY Tips for Choosing a Small Business Security Camera

Security is typically on the top of every small business's to-do list. And installing a security camera or camera system is a big step in protecting your business. Here are things to consider before installing that first camera.