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paypal commerce

New PayPal Commerce Lets You Stick Buy Buttons Almost Anywhere

Selling to your customers just about anywhere they are online is getting easier. A new offering from PayPal is the latest that lets you stick product descriptions and, more importantly, Buy buttons anywhere, from blog posts to individual emails.

print from your android phone

How to Print from Your Android Phone

Printing from your Android smartphone was once on the level of a magic trick. Now, there's so much technology in place that allows anyone to do it. Here's how you can print from your Android smartphone under a number of different scenarios.

facebook livestreaming

What is Facebook Livestreaming?

The new live streaming option on Facebook will naturally lead to an increased use of live streaming. How can small businesses learn to use this product and apply it toward their business goals.

sales emails

Using Technology to Improve Your Email Sales

You might think in a world of social media and mobile marketing that the humble had lost its luster. Not so. Among small businesses we are told the medium still has its benefits and can be quite profitable. So what technology could you use to make it even more so?

protecting your online reputation

4 Tips For Protecting Your Online Reputation

A small business's online reputation can convey a lot about it to the random visitors who may be considering making a purchase from it. Here are 4 ways a small business can maintain a good online reputation.

secure social media accounts

How to Secure Your Social Media Accounts

If one of your social media profiles gets hacked, a lot of private data could get into the wrong hands quickly. And that means information about your small business, too. Here are ways to help prevent an account hacking.

Start Your Business Off on the Right Foot With These 10 Tips

Start Your Business Off on the Right Foot With These 10 Tips

When you've got your small business up and running, those first few decisions you make could weigh heavily on your future success. Members of the small business community had plenty of advice to share on making the right decisions right away.