See Which Pinterest Pins are Popular with Men

male pinterest users

Pinterest, the popular social media pinning platform, once had the reputation of mainly being preferred by women. But that’s no longer the case. Recently, the site posted a list of pin topics that are popular with men, women and both.

If your business is one that targets men, but you would still like to use Pinterest for marketing, take a look at the list below of how male Pinterest users are using Pinterest and what’s resonating with them.

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Paleo Ideas

male pinterest users

Paleo is a diet that encourages people to only eat things that can be either hunted or grown. Some people even call it “the caveman diet” because you can only really eat things that cavemen would have been able to eat — no processed or artificial foods. Since the diet is popular with men, many of them search for ideas for what to eat on Pinterest. For food businesses, this means that creating Paleo recipes that include your food items can help you reach a male audience.

Pocket Squares

male pinterest users

Fashionable brands, include pocket squares in your Pinterest images to appeal to fashion forward male consumers. If you sell pocket squares, this should be easy. But if you don’t, you might still consider using pocket squares as accessories or styling props in your images, so that you can still get your images in front of relevant male consumers.

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Nutri Ninja Smoothie Recipes

male pinterest users

Nutri Ninja is a popular brand of blenders that people can use to make, among other things, smoothies. If you create recipes or sell any sort of food or drink that could be used in smoothies, it could be helpful to post these types of recipes on Pinterest. And when you do, make sure you word it so that people will be able to find it through this popular search term.

Superbowl Snackadiums

male pinterest users

Snackadiums have become increasingly popular over the past few years, particularly for parties that revolve around sporting events like the Super Bowl. These snackadiums often include several different types of food. So for food brands, cookbook writers or food bloggers, posting creative snackadiums, particularly around events like the Super Bowl, can be a good way to get your account some attention.

Luxe Watches

male pinterest users

This is another pin that could be relevant to fashion or lifestyle brands. If you sell luxury watches, it’s an easy connection. But much like pocket squares, you can also use watches as an accessory to dress up your photos. Or you can also re-post photos of luxury watches from other accounts or brands if your target market aligns with those who are likely to browse luxe watch pins on the platform.

Ultralight Backpacking Meals

male pinterest users

Whether you’re a food brand, an outdoor brand, travel brand or anything related to those topics, your target customers on Pinterest are likely to be interested in this type of pin. Including pins that can help people plan their backpacking meals can help you attract the right customers on Pinterest, even if you don’t sell the meals themselves.

Outdoor Travel Hacks

male pinterest users

This is another opportunity for your brand to provide value for travel-oriented consumers. There are lots of different brands that might be relevant for this type of content. You can show tangible products being used in a camp setting, easy ways to prepare food outside, transportation equipment or other travel related gear.

Airstream Campers

male pinterest users

For those who want to get even more specific, Airstream Campers have again become a popular symbol for travelers and campers. You can showcase your products, highlight your unique style or provide value through images that include these campers. Or re-post images of them as relevant inspiration for your followers.

Off the Grid Cabins

male pinterest users

This pin could be especially relevant for real estate agents, vacation rental companies or other travel brands. You can use the platform to highlight photos of cabins, either for sale or rent. Alternatively, photographers or other artistic brands could use images of off the grid cabins to simply highlight their style or target a certain interest group of potential customers.


male pinterest users

Barndominiums are gaining popularity as a style of home. They are, as the name suggests, homes made from repurposed barns — or at least homes that utilize a barn style. Home renovation companies, décor sellers, real estate agents and a variety of other types of businesses could benefit from highlighting this style in pins.

Pinterest also mentioned a separate set of pins that are popular with women. Many of them were travel related, such as Budget Friendly Travel With Kids, New Zealand and Glamping. Others were décor related, such as Going Minimalist and Minty Home Décor. And others include Food in Mugs, Cozy PJs, DIY Beauty Tips, Outdoor Wear 101 and How to Rock a Leather Midi Skirt.

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