Builds Networks with Partners, Clients

The ways in which companies build their teams are changing.

No longer are many teams just made up of a specific group of people in a specific office. Instead, more and more companies are working with freelancers, outside contractors or other non-traditional workers.

But with those changes, there are some complications. For example, with so many different project management apps and services out there, it’s unlikely that all the members of your team, not to mention all of your clients and customers, use the same one. So managing all of your projects, collaborations and other communications from one central platform can be tricky, if not downright impossible.

That’s where comes in. The tool is a creation of HyperOffice, a cloud collaboration software provider. And what makes different is that it can integrate with a variety of different existing systems. So when you come across those situations where you have to communicate with people who use different systems, you don’t have to resort to unorganized email chains.

Pankaj Taneja, marketing and product marketing manager at HyperOffice said in an exclusive interview with Small Business Trends, “Although internal teams can use … it is built to extend to people outside the organization. So small business, which typically have extensive interactions outside the organization will really benefit.” refers to this type of network as your “extended network.” It’s not just the people you share an office with, but also the people who you communicate most with on a daily basis – your freelancers, contract workers, service providers and even clients.

Taneja also offered some specific examples of how small businesses might be able to benefit from using

For example, if you own a marketing company where you have to work closely with your own team members, but also run projects by your clients and any contract workers you may have, you can manage your whole project within

In addition, small insurance brokerages can use it to engage their prospects through all steps of the complex sales process. Software companies can use it to manage projects with offshore developers. And legal firms can use it to work together with their clients.

To use the platform, you need to create a shared workspace, which is like the home base for your project. Then you can invite anyone – clients, employees or other workers – by entering their email address. Once your team members join you, you can utilize web chat, mobile chat, video chat, voice chat, file sharing, tasks, calendars and more.

So, if you and the members of your direct team work best when communicating via video chat, you can choose that option when applicable. But if you’re working with clients that travel a lot and can only regularly communicate via their mobile device, they can check in with you that way. You can also pull information from the third party platforms that you already use, such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

As you work through your project, you may even want to add new people into your project or conversation. For instance, if you’re a marketing firm working on creating an online plan for one of your clients, you might start out with a workspace that just includes you, your account manager and the client. You’ll go over the general plan and get the client’s approval. But then as the project progresses, you might find that you want to consult a contractor you work with who specializes in search advertising. So you can add that person to your existing workspace and chat with them or have them share ideas or examples with you.

The whole purpose behind the platform is to make working with extended or non-traditional teams easier. And with the changing look of today’s workforce, it could make managing many of your team’s own projects quite a bit easier.


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