43 Small Business Logo Design Services

small business logo design services

Perhaps no branding element is more important than your logo. Often the “first impression” that most prospects have of your business, it needs to present a number of key branding elements at one glance:

  1. Name – what’s your business called?
  2. Slogan (optional) – what does your business do that’s relevant to your prospects and how do you excel at it?
  3. Persona – are you serious, playful, hip or square, etc.?
  4. Expectations – playing off of persona, your prospects will have certain expectations that need to be met. For example: a bank’s logo should be serious and square to encourage trust while a boutique’s can be playful and hip if it fits the business’ offerings and prospects.
  5. Design – built upon your persona and expectations, your logo’s colors, typography and overall design needs to match both aforementioned elements.

Given the important role your logo plays, creating one for your business is often a high-stress task. Even after reading tips for creating a great logo, things can still go wrong when you launch it to the world.

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In addition, most small businesses lack in-house design skills as well as the money to hire someone to create a custom logo.

Never fear however – the need for inexpensive yet effective logos has been heard and a whole host of useful logo design services are available. To help you create your logo, we’ve gathered a list of 43 logo design services you can use today.

The list is split into different sections, each serving a different need yet all providing inexpensive yet effective options:

  1. Do-it-yourself logo design services;
  2. Crowdsourcing logo design services; and
  3. Logo design services marketplaces.

Do-It-Yourself Small Business Logo Design Services

Don’t let the name of this section put you off – while the services listed in this section enable you to create a logo on your own, a background in design or graphic design software is not required.

The upside of these solutions is the price. There’s no cheaper way to create an effective logo. The downside is the fact that the images and type (i.e. fonts) used in your logo will not be unique. That’s acceptable however as most enable you to play around and make the final logo your own.

There are two types of do it yourself small business logo design services: online and offline.

Online Do-It-Yourself Small Business Logo Design Services

In recent years, the number of online do it yourself logo design services has skyrocketed. While many are completely free, others charge you, albeit low prices, to download your completed logo design files.

There are a lot of options in this section so we’re going to highlight a few of the more unique offerings and then list the rest.


If you like a solution that learns from you, then Tailor might be a good fit. After asking you a few questions about your business, it walks you through a few, “This or That” screens to learn more about your brand’s style. The result? They serve up four to six logo options from which you select one to edit and complete. When you’re done, select one of their affordable packages and download your logo files.

small business logo design services


The logo design service Logoshi has an interesting approach: even if you’re not that good at drawing, you can sketch out some lines and they’ll create a logo for you. They even show you how it will look on the side of your building! You can add a slogan and play around with the layout of the design as well and then download all your files for $19.

small business logo design services

Free Logo Design

When it comes to the number of colorful design choices, Free Logo Design stands out. As you can see by the numbers in the image below, there are many to choose from and they’re all well-designed images that you’d be proud to use in your logo. In addition, their logo editor is easy-to-use yet powerful and you can download your logo files for a mere $39.

small business logo design services

And More

The rest of the tools in this section are listed below. They’re similar which is why we’re not breaking them out, but they’re each worth a look:

Offline Do It Yourself Small Business Logo Design Services

There are also a number of offline solutions for designing your logo. If you want to have one complete package that lives on your own computer and can be used no matter where you are of if the Web is available, then take a look at the options below.

The Logo Creator

If you’re looking for a branding solution in a box, then check out The Logo Creator. It not only helps you design your logo, it also designs business cards and mascot characters and includes a set of people images to use. Available for both Mac and Windows.

small business logo design services


If you’re looking for a logo design service with tons of options, then check out Logosmartz. With over 1800 logo templates, 5000 additional graphics and images, 300+ fonts and more, you’ll find something that works well for your business in no time. Available for both Mac and Windows.

Logo Design Studio

If you’re looking for even more design options, then check out Logo Design Studio, a solution that offers a good selection along with an expansion pack to take your logo design options to the next level.

And More

The rest of the tools in this section are listed below.

Crowdsourcing Small Business Logo Design Services

Crowdsourcing your logo design is a great way to get a unique logo for less money. Here’s how the basic process works as laid out by DesignCrowd (one of the crowdsourcing logo design services listed below):

small business logo design services

While each of the services listed below differs on details such as price and allowable number of revision requests, they all work pretty much the same. Check out the options to find the one that will work best for you.

Crowdsourcing Small Business Logo Design Services

Logo Design Service Marketplaces

Our final category is for those small business folks who want to hire a freelancer or agency to design a custom logo for their business. Each of the design services listed in this section are marketplaces where you can find a designer for your logo.

While you’ll end up with a unique logo, this is likely the most expensive way to do so. Rates do vary widely however, so it’s worth checking out the logo design services below to see if you can find a designer who fits your budget.

Logo Design Services Marketplaces

  • Evanto Studio
  • Elance
  • Freelancer – interestingly, you can get a logo designed using Freelancer as a marketplace or as a crowdsourcing contest as described in the previous section.

small business logo design services

  • Guru
  • Upwork


While creating an effective logo for your business can be stressful and expensive, it doesn’t have to be either.

You can use the small business logo design services listed above to give birth to your logo today.

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Matt Mansfield Matt Mansfield is the Tech Editor and SEO Manager at Small Business Trends where he is responsible for directing and writing many of the site’s product reviews, technology how-to’s, and lists of small business resources as well as increasing the reach of our content.

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  1. Not gonna lie, I’ve gotten great logos from Fiverr. Worth a look.

    • Ah – can’t believe I forgot Fivver! Thanks for the reminder Robert!

      All – check out another marketplace: https://www.fiverr.com/

    • Problem I saw with Fiverr, is that a lot of those great logos have been stolen. So, imagine getting a really attractive logo for $5, only to later get a cease and desist (or worse) from the company that’s been using it way before you.

      If it’s too good to be true, there’s usually a reason for that….

  2. Wow. I have just recently learned about this. I did not even know that a service like this exists. I guess I have to check it out. I always go and approach a designer if I need to logo. I did not know that you can do it on you own.

  3. Matt,

    Great article, thanks! We were just trying to figure out how to get a logo for our new startup! I tweeted it out, also.



  4. Although I understand why startups and small businesses would look for the cheap/free options, I do believe it’s better to invest in a bespoke logo design working with a freelance graphic designer – that way you can have confidence the design is bespoke to you, and it will also likely help your business perform better in the initial years.

    I also believe there is a greater cost longer term taking the cheap option. Most start-ups believe that once they turn over enough money, they will get their identity redesigned. The reality however is that every location the logo has been used will need to be replaced – a website logo is quick and easy to change, but printed instances will have a cost. Get it right from the outset and this inconvenience and cost would’t exist.

    That aside… there’s a cost to bad (and wrong) design – attracting the wrong audience from the outset will have long-term consequences.

  5. Hi Matt,

    Very nice summary, I like how you categorize them. Couple more that I can think of.

    Do it yourself logo:
    Squarespace logo (https://www.squarespace.com/logo/) – Actually one of the best logo tool. Simple and elegant.

    crowd source logo:
    48hourslogo (http://www.48hourslogo.com/) – Lot’s of contest starting at $99. Just what the bootstrapping entrepreneurs need.
    Logodesigncontest (http://logodesigncontest.us/) – Also seem lots of contest

    Interesting logo design:
    Freelogodesign.me (http://freelogodesign.me/) – You can get a free custom logo designed by a newbie. Very interesting idea. Basically turn their new designer entrance exam into a free logo service.

    Fairpixels (http://fairpixels.co/) – Name your own price logo design.

  6. Matt – great article. Probably the most thorough I’ve seen. Would love to add our just-launched product to this: Logojoy.com – we use machine learning to make it feel like you’re working with a designer. Cheers!

  7. As a professional logo designer I totally understand that some businesses don’t have the budget to spend on a logo…. so for example they go to a bidding site to get a cheap design. In the short term this is a good solution. Is it a mistake? Not necessarily but the quality of the end product may be challenged. My advice is always spend as much as you can on a design… that way the design should last you for many years.

  8. That’s the biggest collection i’ve seen so far, thanks for the compilation! We have been building our logo maker Logopony.com for a long time already. It was initially a very powerful online logo editor but we have recently shifted from this idea a bit and added an AI-based logo generator to kick-in your inspiration first. It is now possible to get unlimited logo ideas based on design best-practice made by our robot-designer and then finish the best one in the editor, to us this is so far the best way to get high quality and most importantly a unique logo. I think it would be a great addition to this roundup and i would be glad if it could be added too. Thanks!

  9. Great compilation, Matt! Will definitely try the DIY sites. Though I’d gotten a logo designed recently at YourDesignPick. Their work was pretty decent and affordable.

  10. Good compilation but I believe https://www.40dollarlogo.com deserves a mention in the list as their plans are specifically designed for small businesses. Further, they offer a free logo maker which is really free unlike most other sites which claim it to be free but ask for money when you try to download the logo.

    • Ah, finally I see a way to contact the owner of the firm!

      Not happy. It turns out that *you* end up owning the logo, not me as the purchaser. The fine print doesn’t even grant me a license to use it. (Folks, I have a copy of the fine print.) Also, your firm refused to provide me with the Adobe Illustrator work, just the final, flatted, file. So, I have no ability to tweak the design of a logo that I contracted for and paid for. The group ignored multiple e-mail requests to discuss the topic. I can’t use the final result.

      In fact, much of the offending terms and conditions are not viewable until you have paid an have an account. Like having to pay a fee if you go on vacation and take more than a month to get back to them.

      You really need to be more clear about your lack of willingness to provide us ownership of the logo, as well as a copy of the work files.

  11. Hi Matt,

    This is one of your blog post that I find very helpful, 43 Small Business Logo Design Services I love it and very interactive. Connecting emotionally to us (readers) will make a great impact especially I am on my e-commerce web design Gold Coast.

    Thank you very much for publishing this great piece of article. Til next blog post from you.


  12. One of my favorite posts on this site. Have bookmarked it and refer back often. After reading your article I decided to use 99designs to create a new logo for our website and it worked out great. For the entry-level package at $299, we got 100+ logo designs! Read my review of 99designs logos. I wrote about the experience and videoed each step to help others navigate the world of
    crowdsource logo design contests.

  13. An impressive list of design services, most of the main services were mentioned here with details, thanks for sharing.

  14. Wow! Thanks for such an in-depth approach! And for listing so many free and cheap services, that gives me hope I can save up on logo design without losing on quality. I only tried logoai.com for my first logo for a client, and it was good. Just wish they had more fonts available.

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