Square Reader Offers Caviar Catering for Corporate Events

caviar catering

Managing food at business events just got easier — if your business is located in one of the cities covered by San Francisco-based food delivery service, Caviar Catering.

The company has launched a new service called Caviar for Teams to allow business users to order food deliveries for as many as a few hundred people. Caviar, a Square-owned company, has in the recent past created a number of options for individual customers to order food in the cities it serves by partnering directly with local restaurants and the arranging for delivery to the doorstep.

Currently Caviar arranges for delivery from a select group of restaurants in Atlanta, Brooklyn, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Manhattan, Miami, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Sacramento, San Francisco Bay Area (including East Bay and South Bay), Seattle, Portland and Washington D.C.

With Caviar for Teams, it now expands on the current catering service to allow companies to order food for business events up to one week in advance. An order dashboard and website are available to customers, offering what Caviar says is a streamlined and user-friendly take on account management. Teams have an option to order all at once or allow users to individually order and split the bill through a “cart” set up by the host of the event. Organizers can either distribute a link to all the participants to order their own choice of meal or place bulk orders.

In an email to Venture Beat, Square emphasizes that the company works closely with the restaurants to understand their catering capabilities and also helps them build online menus. The service also offers custom delivery packages for large orders. Customers have the option of either working with one of Caviar’s account managers or using the site to filter restaurants based on the requirements of the order. The website lets customers filter from ‘groups 10-20’, ‘groups 20+’ and ‘catering’.”

The service could make it easy to handle catering for a large business event or for a special event at your company based on the size  of  your company and the number of employees. But depending on where you’re business is located, it may also represent a welcome relief by taking away one more thing headache while planning your next event.

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