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Businesses are now generating more data than ever, but the way it is presented can put the vast majority of people to sleep. Unless you’re a statistician, the numbers and graphs in reports, presentations and even infographics all look the same after a while.

Animaker, a cloud based do-it-yourself (DIY) tool for creating video infographics, wants to tell a story with your data so it can be much easier to digest, especially for those in your audience who are not statisticians.

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The company says, “A great story elevates data into something more meaningful and unforgettable. Using Animaker’s Video Infographic App, organizations can create storytelling videos that make it easier to connect with an audience on an intellectual and emotional level.”

According to Animaker, one of the hurdles in presenting data and analytics is the lack of background information. This makes it more challenging for the average person to translate the information in a way they can understand.

The popularity of infographics, which in essence break down data in a way that is easier to consume, is in part the inspiration for Animaker, and according to CEO Srinivasa Raghavan, it was a natural evolution.

He says, “We also wanted to bust the myth that data can never be presented in a creative and visually appealing way. It was only natural for Animaker to mix it up with something as exciting as Animation.”

How Do You Create an Animated Infographic?

The Animaker platform is a cloud-based tool that lets anyone create videos quickly and — more importantly — easily. Using drag and drop functions, the inbuilt data assets and properties of 3,000+ maps, 100+ charts and 1,000+ icons can be used to create your own video infographic.

The app provides five video styles with templates to address your particular audience. Called Handcrafted, 2-D, 2.5-D, Infographics — Video Graphics, and Typography, these styles can also be populated with pre-animated assets, expressions and effects. This includes transitions, sound effects, music and more.

The company has a freemium pricing structure, so if you want to give it a try, it won’t cost you a thing. However, the free option has some limitations. The videos can’t be longer than two minutes, you can only export five videos (to YouTube) per month, and the assets, such as music, are also limited.

The paid options are available for $9, $19 and $39 monthly, with each tier adding more choices, including the ability to download videos, which is not available for the free service.

Affordable Marketing

Marketing can be expensive, especially when you take into consideration the cost of creating professional grade videos. In an interview with The Next Web, Raghavan said cost and ROI were customers’ biggest concerns when deploying video technology. Companies want to use video, of course, but for most businesses it is not financially feasible.

What Animaker has done is make it very affordable. Even the most expensive option is within the means of most small businesses. Creating these videos will give your small business access to more channels, while increasing valuable content your customers can use and share on social media and other outlets.

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Michael Guta Michael Guta is the Assistant Editor at Small Business Trends and currently manages its East African editorial team. Michael brings with him many years of content experience in the digital ecosystem covering a wide range of industries. He holds a B.S. in Information Communication Technology, with an emphasis in Technology Management.

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  1. Interesting. I think that this would make a good alternative to infographics and can really grab attention in social platforms like Facebook and Youtube. Really interesting indeed.

    • Hi Aira,
      I am glad you found it interesting, and the great thing about it is, anyone can afford it.

  2. Great alternative to Infographics. I felt the current Infographics are quite boring and over used. This video Infographics can really help one to tell great stories on top of Data.

    • Hi Aswin,
      The great thing about this platform, beside removing the bordem factor, is its affordability and ease of use. Let us know if you try it.

  3. Tried couple of templates. quite interesting. Esp i like the way Maps getting animated. we run a Location based service called Locsearch, we always consume data on top of location, this tool will be the right fit. Thanks Michael.

    • Hi Saarah,
      You are welcome.
      I am glad you found it useful. Can you send me a link when you have it up and running? I really want to see it 🙂

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