9 Best Places (On or Offline) to Find Temp Staff for Your Business

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In business, some tasks require only a few hours of someone’s undivided attention every so often. That’s why we asked nine members of Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) the following question:

“What is your favorite place to find hourly part-time or temporary staff and why?”

Here’s what YEC community members had to say:

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9 Places to Find Temp Staff

1. Upwork

“We work remotely and use the site Upwork and some other more niche job boards designed for freelancers. It’s easy to set up a post and there are usually always a lot of applicants. We include special instructions in the job post as a screening process. Another good place to find part-time remote workers is Craigslist job boards in popular digital nomad locations, like Thailand.” ~Brian David Crane, Caller Smart Inc.

2. Onlinejobs.ph

“Hiring is made extremely easy through onlinejobs.ph. Skill sets are clearly delineated, you can interview and speak with candidates directly through the site. And as overseas employees go, their English is fantastic.” ~ Joel ButterlyInGenius Prep

3. Wonolo

Wonolo is a great startup that helps business find on-demand help for on-site needs. Sometimes we need an extra hand for packaging products, or doing random tasks around the office. They make it super-simple to find talented folks who are ready to go when you need them.” ~ Aaron Schwartz, Modify

4. Shiftgig

“EVENTup is in the hospitality/events industry. This website makes it easy to find part time staff for events.” ~ Jayna Cooke, EVENTup

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5. Thumbtack

Thumbtack has become a very good platform for us to find temporary staff. It is geolocation-driven so you find people in your local area, and the quality and rates are good. It has people with technical, financial, accounting, homemade, nursing, and several other skills you may need for your business. I just hired a part-time accountant from Thumbtack to help me do my ever growing accounting work.” ~ Piyush JainSIMpalm

6. Other Colleagues

“It saves time and the hassle of weeding through people to find the best ones if I just ask other colleagues if they know temporary talent that I can use or borrow. Many of these workers are seeking multiple clients to work with so my colleagues have already done the screening and verification of their abilities for me.” ~ Cynthia JohnsonAmerican Addiction Centers

7. Local Career Fairs

“Being actually present in front of your candidates is still worth something in our digital age. There is a lot of value in being able to interact with brands face-to-face, so we have involved ourself in local career fairs to find recent college graduates and/or students that are looking for part-time or temporary work. It’s so important to get these young individuals started on their careers.” ~ Miles JenningsRecruiter.com

8. Craigslist

“I’ve tried many specialized sites to hire new staff for my cafe/bar or store with varying success. Craigslist casts a big local net and while you get many unqualified candidates, has been the source of the few good resumés that actually do make the cut.  ” ~Henry Glucroft, Henry’s / Airdrop

9. Local Universities

“Get in touch with a local university professor who teaches whatever is relevant to what you do, and see if he/she will solicit his/her students for you. You may find that you wind up with students who are eager to work for just the experience. You pay very little, and they get some real world experience to put on a future job application. Everyone wins.” ~ Adam SteeleThe Magistrate

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  1. When your client base suddenly grow, you are always left not knowing what to do. So it is important that you have some temporary staff to handle the work for you.

    • That’s why a company like mine can be useful in a pinch! Professional, experienced staff that can handle a wide variety of business functions all at one set rate, without having to hire a multitude of people!
      3g Business Partners, LLC – Advantageof3.com

  2. BIG POST!

    However, we have one addition to make…

    We just spent 6 months recruiting Filipino VA’s to our new marketplace:


    So that entrepreneurs can hire awesome VA’s in just 5 minutes and 7 clicks (no one has anytime to recruit anymore!)

    Anyway I am off to share this with my closest 9k Twitter followers 😉


  3. Great content! Thank you for the list. There’s a lot of platform out there for recruiting and this just made it easier. Keep it up! 🙂