iMoneza Introduces Next Generation Paywall to Charge for Content

charge for content

While doing research, you find the perfect source material but after only one or two articles, a page pops up asking you to subscribe to the magazine in order to read more.

That can be $30 or more and you really don’t have any use for that content beyond this research. Paying that kind of money feels like just a waste.

That’s how Mike Gehl, founder of iMoneza, feels. Why can’t you just purchase exactly what you need or want?

Gehl explains in a release, “I was in an unfamiliar city and wanted to go out to eat. As I searched, I noticed all the quality restaurant reviews were behind a paywall and my only option was to purchase a subscription. I just wanted to pay thirty, forty, fifty cents, whatever it may be, to read this review.”

That is how Gehl developed iMoneza and the idea is simple. A publisher who wants to charge for content creates a free iMoneza account and either uses a CMS plug-in or places a small bit of code on his or her website.

The publishers are able to sell their content in a variety of different ways. They can offer individual articles as well as subscriptions. The publisher determines the price and can adjust as her or she sees fit. Most publishers, when charging for individual pieces, charge less than fifty cents. iMoneza does not charge for the use of the software but rather earns through a revenue share model.

How can such small change add up?

While the sale of a 25-cent article means nothing in the big picture, 100,000 purchases would translate to $25,000. Do this successfully with 10 articles and now the total amount is $250,000. This translates to otherwise unrealized revenue for publishers.

The iMoneza technology was designed for a frictionless user experience. Consumers need only set up an account and deposit as little as $1 into their digital wallets. Then when those customers want to purchase content from an iMoneza partner, they choose their purchase option and click.

iMoneza, headquartered in Brookfield, Wisconsin, was founded in January, 2014 and launched in March 2015. The micropayments iMoneza champions are a new way of selling individual pieces of content. Publishers and others selling content are used to selling whole subscriptions or books, but user demand could be suggesting other ways to monetize your content too.

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