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Getting Lots Done

We all are too busy. There is no doubt about that. Thanks to Internet and smartphones, everybody is available all the time. However, did you ever notice that the people who constantly mention that they are very busy are in fact the least effective?

Being very busy is not an indicator of being effective or successful. Some people like to tell everyone around them how busy they are so that nobody asks them to take on another task. Also, some people like to seem very busy because only then they can feel important. If you also feel very busy or tell people around you that you are too busy, you probably cannot manage your time properly. Below are some helpful tips on how to be more effective, less busy and get lots done.

Getting Lots Done Without Being Busy-Busy

  • Don’t Say Yes to Every Task: If you have more on your plate than you can actually complete, don’t say yes to another task just to please your boss. This will decrease your effectiveness and success rate because you have to divide your energy between different projects instead of putting all into one and finishing it off successfully.
  • Create Time for Your Friends and Family: Know the value of your loved ones, always create time to spend quality time with them. Not everything is about working. You should recharge yourself and refresh your mind from time to time and spending time with friends and family is perfect for that. Thus, do something other than working and call your loved ones.
  • Prioritize: Prioritize your tasks and stop wasting time with unnecessary tasks. For example, don’t constantly check your emails or social media accounts. Don’t feel that you are immediately obligated to respond. Finish what you are working on first and then start responding to emails or returning to calls. You cannot do everything at once.
  • Do Not Let Others Distract You: Focus all of your attention on the task that you are working on and do not let your coworkers or anything else distract you until you finish that task or until your break time. If you give all your energy only to the task that you are working on, you will see that it will take you less time to complete.
  • Get Enough Sleep and Schedule Breaks: If you didn’t get enough sleep and still feel tired from the previous day, then you won’t be able to work as efficiently as you want. Therefore, try to sleep early and get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Also, set yourself breaks during the day to refresh your mind and stay away from your desk. This will help you stay more driven and in the end, you will finish your tasks faster.

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  1. That’s right. Sometimes, you tend to fill your schedule with so many tasks that you end up not doing anything at all. Focus is the key.

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