How to Leverage WiFi To Expand Your Business

how to leverage wifi

Over the years, WiFi has turned out to be an integral part of all businesses. The convenience of WiFi connectivity has grown from a commodity to an amenity and more recently, an effective marketing tool. It facilitates the increased mobility of today’s workforce and has eased business decisions notably with increased accessibility.

WiFi has quickly become one of the most effective business drivers in recent years. With a pool of user data at its disposal, WiFi offers businesses with scores of opportunities for growth.

The expanded scope of WiFi makes it possible for businesses to leverage their resources according to their requirements to add value to the services provided. It offers an entirely new perception of the quality and impact of services provided by businesses. Consequently, it generates more customer satisfaction and increased Return on Investment (ROI) — which are sure ways to help your business grow.

The following tips will show you how to leverage WiFi and the immense potential behind it.  Learn how to optimize your business and help in the expansion of your brand.

How to Leverage WiFi

Build Networks at Events

Networking forms the very foundation for all businesses. And free WiFi can help you make the most of it. This works all the more effectively during events. People rarely think twice about sharing contact details for free WiFi access. You can use this to your advantage.

You can strategically place a short and simple registration page as a gateway for the WiFi access. As this captures the contact information for your guests, the database will quickly begin expanding with a gold mine of resources strengthening your network.

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You can then begin a communication channel with the contacts that you gather and leverage these to build your brand.

Detect Customer Behavior

Nowadays, most customers expect free WiFi access. You are already aware of the benefits that this provides. It not only increases customer foot traffic, but is also an effective marketing tool.

It is no secret that businesses use customer data to identify and build new business opportunities and to provide for better customer experience. The free WiFi you offer your customers, if managed appropriately, can be used to collect your customers’ publicly available information on social media and similar sites. This data will give you ample opportunity to analyze customer behavior and preferences and shape your marketing decisions to suit their requirements.

This data will help you identify the business strategies that resonate with your target consumers and the ones that fall flat. Consequently, you will get a better idea of what product positioning techniques and promotional activities work best with your customers.

Leverage Customer Recommendations

Customer recommendation, more commonly known as word of mouth, is an incredible promotional tool. And you can set it into motion with the free WiFi you are offering.

Once you detect customer behavior with the information you gather via your WiFi accessibility, you can use this data to:

  • enhance customer experience with personalized offers,
  • engage them in certain online activities,
  • follow up with a ‘Thank you’ note for visiting your office,
  • send them invites to events, and
  • provide them with an incentive to return to your business premises again.

A satisfied customer will always recommend your business to his/her social contacts who are on the lookout for similar services and /or products. This way, your business’s consumer base will increase considerably. Additionally, this method is quite cost-effective, making it all the more appealing.

Improve Employee Satisfaction

Employees are the lifeline of your business. It is because of their constant efforts that your business has reached where it is now. It is time to give something back.

Employee satisfaction can go a long way in building your business. An incentive at the end of a task almost always serves as an effective driver. Your business’s WiFi connection will serve that purpose well. A dedicated WiFi can help make your workforce more mobile instead of confining them to their work area.

Also, keeping a separate network for your clients will ensure that your internal work does not suffer owing to speed or bandwidth issues.

That being said, WiFi connectivity definitely comes with its fair share of advantages for your business. A good WiFi connection can help you manage your business and make important decisions remotely. Apart from that, you can also track your employees’ performance easily.

Track Internal Operations

A good quality WiFi network coupled with the right apps and tools can help you track your employees’ movements and operations across the office. You can keep track of the areas where your employees tend to spend most of their time, the times of the day when your business’s WiFi signal witnesses the maximum traffic and so on.

This will give you an idea about the working habitat and the internal operations of your office. With this information, you can implement office etiquette that you think could improve productivity and the overall performance of your business.

With the increased proactive usage possibilities of your business’s WiFi signal, you can now build your brand with ease and stay way ahead of your competition by learning how to leverage WiFi.

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Steven Scheck Steven Scheck is the Principal of Inspire WiFi, the nationwide leader of WiFi networks for the multifamily, hospitality and healthcare industries. He is also very involved in philanthropic causes in Miami and nationally.

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