Monthly Archives: March 2016

predictions in digital marketing

5 Predictions in Digital Marketing to Watch

Marketing efforts have been focused online for a few years now but in 2015, it really came to the fore. Expect a lot more of that -- especially a push to mobile -- as a marketing trend in the coming year.

cost to hire a new employee

Here’s What It Might Cost To Hire A New Employee

A new report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows what it costs to hire employees in today's economy. The report also highlighted the highest paying jobs in the market today.

richest fake companies

What Are Richest Fake Companies Worth?

What's the biggest, most valuable fake company we've never seen off the big screen or television? A British company has examined what some of the most popular companies that never were are worth. The results will surprise you.

when employees fail

Whose Fault Is It When Employees Fail?

Blaming your employees for when your business comes up short or just flat out fails will not lead to any progress. Showing leadership and accepting responsibility will get your business ahead.

lumia 650

Microsoft Aims Lumia 650 at Business Users

Microsoft's new Lumia 650 smartphone is geared for business users. What the phone lacks in some hardware, it makes up for with its lightweight price tag.