What Are Richest Fake Companies Worth?

richest fake companies

How much money would Stark Industries from “Iron Man” make if it were real? What about Wayne Enterprises from “Batman” or Acme from “Looney Tunes”? I know I’m not the only one who’s wondered …

Fortunately, UK Businesses For Sale, an organization which supports small businesses, researched and calculated how much these and other fictional companies would make.

Richest Fake Companies

The data was put into an infographic called “The World’s Richest Companies That Don’t Actually Exist,” which shows the annual revenue of 14 companies from books, cartoons, TV shows, movies, computer games and comics. At the top is Choam from “Dune” earning $1.7 trillion, followed by Acme with $348.7 billion and Sirius from “Hitchhiker’s Guide” at $327.2 billion.

For comparison’s sake, Walmart has $482.2 billion in yearly sales.

Check out the infographic and see who made the list!


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  1. I honestly thought Batman and Ironman would be worth more. We’ve got people alive right now with more money than that. Come on Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, where are the high-tech gadgets and crime-stopping antics?