Shopify Competitor: CoreCommerce Ecommerce Platform Gets Investors

shopify competitor

CoreCommerce, the company set up in 2001 as a one-stop solution for commerce businesses, has been acquired by a group of entrepreneurs and business executives.

Among the group of new investors taking over the platform are :

  1. Michael Thompson, Former SVP, Sales and Marketing at Fleet One;
  2. Peter Marcum, Managing Partner at DevDigital;
  3. Dr. Turner Nashe, President at IDS; and
  4. Brendan McDonnell, Executive at Medical Ventures, Inc.

On member of the new executive team, Marcum, has worked with Matt DeLong, founder of CoreCommerce, previously. DeLong will remain as a key partner in the company. Michael Thompson has been named the company’s new CEO.

CoreCommerce serves clients across 22 countries and with this acquisition the company will be seeking to expand its offerings even further. In an announcement of the acquisition on the company blog, Delong explains, “This investment allows us to further invest in the platform and bring in new talent, which will in turn bring more value to our clients.”

Marcum adds, “Matt has built the company into a solid enterprise, a feature rich, reliable platform for online businesses worldwide.”

CoreCommerce considers itself one of the leading competitors of Shopify, probably the single most popular name in hosted ecommerce. But Shopify will be hard to beat. The company is known for its customer support, design and flexibility. Shopify is also regarded as the innovator of ecommerce storefronts.

Small Business Deals

CoreCommerce’s hosted solutions provide a range of services to business and entrepreneurs who want to take their brick and mortar stores online. The company provides website templates and integrated shopping cart solutions for every step of the transaction process including order processing, payment, fulfillment and shipping. Additional services like marketing, customer management and inventory control are also offered to clients who need additional help managing their online businesses.

All these services are offered by CoreCommerce through a range of subscription options; starting from $39.99 per month all the way to $199.99 per month.

The future of retail lies in ecommerce. Ecommerce has made it possible for consumers to buy things on a device of their choice anytime and from anywhere. From a small or medium-sized business perspective, this is a huge opportunity in terms of customer engagement. At one time, small business owners were limited to offering products on templated sites like eBay or Yahoo Stores.  This didn’t offer much flexibility in design or functionality.

With platforms like CoreCommerce or Shopify, small businesses are now able to exert a new control over their online merchandise and how it is displayed. For as little as $30 per month, these businesses are now able to set up their own online store with the desired features. With the acquisition of CoreCommerce, we can expect such offerings to expand.

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