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What Do "The Bachelor" and SEO Have in Common? Successful Content

What Do “The Bachelor” and SEO Have in Common? Successful Content

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Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the importance of keeping a thumb on the trends of life. Sure, being “off the grid” has its perks, but to actively engage in culture — whether it’s work culture, political culture or pop culture — some knowledge of current happenings is required. I personally find myself more at ease when I’m in the loop, especially when it comes to SEO news and pop culture. So, in honor of the season finale of “The Bachelor’s” 20th season, I’ve decided to bring together my favorite elements of my work culture and pop culture: SEO and “The Bachelor.” Despite being two very different things, they have much more in common than you might think — successful content.

1. Both Take Rankings and Ratings Very, Very Seriously

The life of a TV show depends on the rankings and ratings that monitor how well it is or is not received. Every time a new season of “The Bachelor” or “The Bachelorette” comes on, millions of viewers tune in to watch a group of inhumanely attractive people duke it out for the affection of one man or woman.

Similarly, the life and success of a website depends (in part) on the rankings and ratings of their viewers or site visitors. If a site is performing well, it ranks closer to the top hits Google or any other search engine retrieves when you type something into the search bar. Search engines are, in part, a ranking and rating system that seeks to deliver the best results for its users. Much like the bachelor, websites are duking it out for the affection of a search engine, and they’re all trying to have the most attractive layout, best content, and biggest audience to win the heart of Google.

2. Both Thrive on Social Engagement

No one watches the “The Bachelor” in silence. The tweets, blog posts, and discussion that surround the show fuel the fire that makes it so popular. If you caught last week’s episode, you know that Bachelor Ben Higgins went around surprising people at home watching the show on Monday night. The episode seemed to be asserting that “The Bachelor” is more than a barbaric pursuit of love between one man or woman and 28 or so others, but rather a TV show that brings people together and gives them something to talk about.

A huge part of SEO is that same idea of social engagement. Content that is shared, retweeted, argued over and discussed is Google gold. It’s not so much about how many times you can have content reposted on the Internet as it is about the nature of those reposts. The most organic SEO improvements come from having engaged users who actively participate in what the content has to offer. While all content has its place, the most successful kind that truly optimizes search engines is content that gets people talking and responding.

3. It’s Easy to Get Behind.

A lot can happen in one episode of “The Bachelor.” You can count on new twists, turns and drama in every episode (there are producers who make sure of it), and with a new one released each week, you have to keep up. Most people following “The Bachelor” are ready to talk about it Monday night or Tuesday, and after that the episode is old news.

The same can be said for a lot of SEO news. As Inc. author Justin Bariso will tell you, the importance of keeping up with the news cannot be understated. As evidenced through his articles, the most successful content is that which harps on current news. If you’re publishing a post on something that was breaking news three or four days ago, there’s a good chance you’re already behind. SEO requires its participants to produce fresh and relevant content constantly in order to perform competitively, and getting behind could set you back significantly.

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  1. Hello,

    You have made a great connection between these two.
    Indeed your content should be the fresh one. so that it don’t go to be out dated one.

    Blogging world is as similar than to these tv serials.
    Once you had a fresh content, there would always be place for us in the top.

    This is great post to have. Thank you for sharing

    Shantanu sinha

  2. Aira Bongco

    Okay. But so do other reality shows. They take their ratings seriously and engage with their viewers. And the contest type shows will always have people lagging behind.

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