VerticalResponse Offers Open API to Developers

verticalresponse offers open API

Email marketing platform VerticalResponse has recently launched an API and Developer program.

This will allow developers to use the company’s new REST-based API and have open access to use it. Now that VerticalResponse offers an open API, developers can add feature-rich email and social media marketing functionality to their business applications.

This application integration enables customers to use VerticalResponse’s drag-and-drop email tools to create and send email newsletters, promotions and invitations that look great on any device, and also share those messages on social media with a single click. The tool empowers developers to quickly and seamlessly integrate the platform into their applications. Through the VerticalResponse developer portal, users can request a VerticalResponse API key. Access API documentation on the company’s interactive console to test specific API calls.

VerticalResponse Offers Open API

Several startups like Dasheroo, Digioh, Lander, Tatango and many others have already started to integrate the VerticalResponse REST API into their apps.

The integration Marketplace offered by VerticalResponse helps small businesses grow and connect with their customers on email, social media, mobile and more. Currently, more than one million users worldwide have relied on the VerticalResponse platform to create, manage and analyze their own marketing campaigns, the company claims.

Small businesses can easily upload contacts, create groups from the lists and send targeted, meaningful email marketing content and promotions that drive their sales. VerticalResponse also provides detailed analytics on the delivery and engagement of each campaign, so customers can quantify the reach, see what works and how to optimize future campaigns. So, this integration will help small businesses to communicate with their customers, wherever they are.

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“We’re excited to open up our award-winning product to developers who share our vision of helping small businesses grow,” said David Williams, senior vice president of marketing and product at VerticalResponse. “Release of our powerful API comes hot on the heels of our recently redesigned VerticalResponse application, and we are already seeing lots of interest in the developer community.”

With rising competition in the B2B marketing sector, API integration can definitely prove to be one of the most effective and cost-efficient investments in recent times with respect to customer acquisition and retention.

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