What’s Really Happening On a Conference Call?

conference call

Ever Feel Your Mind Start to Wander During a Conference Call at Work?

You begin to create a mental to-do list: go grocery shopping, run to the bank, and so on. But this type of multitasking, not to mention daydreaming about your next vacation, makes it difficult to pay attention to the actual meeting. Luckily, there’s a solution: video conferencing.

Visual communication agency Column Five created an infographic called “When Daydreams Happen to Bad Conference Calls” for video and Web conferencing company Highfive. The graphic outlines the downfalls of meetings that are over-the-phone and the upsides of those that are face-to-face via video chat.

The main pitfall of conference calls is that people can become easily distracted. Employees often send emails and do other work, check social media, text, or play video games. They shop online and even cook and eat.

On the other hand, video conferencing can improve these meetings and help the company as well. It fosters better conversations and connectedness, can improve efficiency and productivity, and expedite decision making.

A Bad Conference Call – An Infographic

infographic on having a bad conference call

Image: Column Five

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  1. It is very important to define what you want to talk about. Also, make it interesting. Don’t turn it into a boring meeting. I guess that is one of way of solving the problem.