Antamedia Software Eliminates Security Risk on Public Computers

Antamedia Software

You can now safely and securely turn any computer into a self-service kiosk thanks to Antamedia Software — the providers of software for Internet cafe software and WiFi hotspot billing.

Antamedia Ultimate Kiosk Software solution essentially locks down parts of a regular computer, allowing the user to leave it open for public use without security concerns. The software replaces the default Windows user interface to restrict access to the computer.

Antamedia Software = Peace of Mind

Besides locking down the public computer or kiosk, Antamedia software prevents hacking, downtime and tampering by blocking system keys, hiding system drives as well as defining files and folder access rights. Additionally, you can use the software to block specific applications or program options, gaining full control over what users can and cannot do with the machine.

The software is able to turn any computer into a self-service kiosk, whether it’s an Internet café machine, a point-of-sale system or any embedded system built only with a specific function. The company says the software will safely display your application or website, preventing security breaches and reducing maintenance requirements at the same time.

Essentially, the software allows you to set a computer so that certain features and functions are restricted when others are accessing the device, whether those other users happen to be customers of employees using it as a POS device. The software is also designed to allow you to create a start-page that will essentially work as a kiosk allowing a certain level of predefined interaction.

You can change the kiosk start-page theme using any number of selections from the white-label options provided. You can also use the kiosk for branding purposes changing the logo, adding contact details, links and graphics to the Web pages being displayed.

A wide variety of files are provided to allow you to choose and modify a kiosk or display screen to fit your business’s needs and to match your company’s identity.

Basically, the software can be used at check-in and reservation points, as an Internet kiosk or for any other form of business that requires you to share your computers with the public.

Antamedia is a privately held company and has been around for more than a decade. The company says it seeks to bring the benefits of specialist business software to small and medium-sized businesses. Antamedia has only recently begun expanding its services to reach global corporations and governments worldwide.

The company’s Kiosk software is available in a variety of editions. The cheapest is the Lite edition that goes for $55. The Standard edition is available for $99 while the Premium and Enterprise packages are available for $159 and $199, respectively.

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