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Axis companion mobile surveillance

Video surveillance is one of the most effective ways for businesses to keep an eye on their assets. Just having a camera installed discourages criminals and even employees from carrying out illegal activities, while providing irrefutable evidence if a crime does take place.

According to a survey commissioned by security firm ADT and conducted by Harris Polls of 712 small businesses, video surveillance was their preferred security measure.

Axis Security System, a company that specializes in intelligent networked video, will give your small business an affordable out-of-the-box, IP-capable mobile video surveillance system that is fully integrated and easy to use.

The AXIS Companion, along with the AXIS Companion Specialist initiative, have been designed to provide small businesses and installers with the ability to deploy an advanced network video security system. According to the company, this new line of product delivers a low risk proposition for businesses that require a cost effective way to secure employees, customers, premises and assets with basic video surveillance.

This new line provides cameras, storage and software along with other essential components that are needed to deploy an IP based security solution.

Axis Companion Security System Features

The key features of the AXIS Companion mobile video surveillance system are:

  • An 8-channel network video recorder with built in Power over Ethernet (PoE) and a video surveillance grade hard disk with a fan-less design.
  • A USB port for easy export of video footage and a wireless access point for direct access to the system with mobile devices.
  • IP cameras with a range of capabilities.
  • Video management software for easy installation and mobile app usage for Android and iOS devices.

The Recorder

If you have multiple cameras installed and you need longer retention time for the videos you record, the AXIS Camera Companion supports Network-Attached Storage (NAS) recording. You can get the 2TB or 4TB versions depending on how much you want to record and how long you want to keep it. If you need additional storage, Axis offers storage capacities to handle virtually every need with up to 64TB of storage.

The USB connectivity lets you export video footage to a flash drive or other storage for easy transport, and the wireless access point allows mobile devices, iOS and Android, direct access to the system.

IP Cameras

Axis has a wide range of cameras to address indoor and outdoor installations, as well as day or night monitoring with integrated infrared (IR) illumination. All of the cameras the company offers deliver full HDTV or up to 2 Megapixel resolutions with Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology to capture the most challenging lighting environments.

The most noteworthy feature of the AXIS cameras is the microSD card slot that provides storage within the camera and the new AXIS Companion Switch, a 4-port PoE switch. For systems with 1-4 cameras, the individual SD cards are an ideal solution for a completely self-contained local video recording and storage.

The AXIS Surveillance microSDXC Card 64 GB is engineered specifically for use in video surveillance for long performance and multiple overwrites. The example AXIS provided was: a small retail store with about 8 hours of recordings per day can expect the 64 GB SD card to store between 2-4 weeks of video. This of course depends on how many frames per second (fps) you want and whether you choose 720p or 1080p resolution, as well as the number of incidents that will be triggering a recording.

Configurations Of The Axis Security System

The AXIS companion can be configured in one of two ways to give small businesses the best option for their security needs and budget.

The first one is as a temporary local storage of recorded video, which can then be transferred to a central server on demand, on schedule or in case of an event.

The second one is as a self-contained local video recording and storage. The video can be permanently stored on the camera’s SD card and you can view it on your PC or mobile device.

The Software

The AXIS Companion runs on Axis IP cameras and it can be configured in minutes so the cameras can start recording on the onboard SD cards or NAS with remote access. The only time you will need a computer is when you install the system, but after that it runs independently on Axis IP cameras. That means no additional hardware, such as a central recording device.

Price and Availability

It is important to note the companion recorder is not necessary. So if you are a small business and you only need two cameras, two microSD cards and the switch will be all you need to get you up and running.

The company announced the AXIS Companion Recorder, AXIS Companion Dome V Network Camera, AXIS Companion Eye L/LVE Network Cameras and AXIS Companion Switch are set to be released in Q2 of 2016.

The price are as follows:

  • AXIS Companion Recorder 2TB-$499/4TB-$599
  • AXIS Companion Dome V Network Camera $169
  • AXIS Companion Eye L – $229
  • AXIS Companion Eye LVE – $249
  • AXIS Companion Switch $79


We reviewed Dropcam and Linksys on Small Business Trends, and both systems had their pros and cons. The Dropcam can be purchased for less than $200 depending where you buy it, but it can cost you anywhere from $120 and $360 a year to store your footage.

Linksys was more expensive with the cameras starting at $449.99 and going all the way up to $699.99, depending on the features. The video recorder is comparably priced with the AXIS solution, available for $500+, again depending where you buy it.


The benefit the Axis Security System delivers is experience, customer services and proven technology that has been deployed globally by public and private organizations. This includes the State of Hawaii, State of Kentucky, U.S. Federal Penitentiary, the Dallas Police Department and over one million other customers.

This type of real world reliability is essential when you are trying to protect your small business.  And with the new AXIS Companion line, the company has integrated all of its features, as well as its customer service with an affordable system that can scale to meet the future needs of your business.

Image: Axis Communications


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